Friday, December 12, 2008

Word of the Year - PRESENCE

Today Michele posted a blurb on KaleidoSoul about her new SoulCollage card for her 'word of the year,' which was done in response to a suggestion from Christine Kane in her 'resolution revolution' a different way to post intentions for the coming year - "Several years ago, my friend Kathy and I decided that, instead of making resolutions, we would pick a word that would guide us throughout the year. It would be our touchstone. It would remind us of living our lives at the BE level." (as opposed to 'do' - if I 'do' this, I'll 'have' something else, & then I'll 'be' happy! So let's just start with 'be!')

This time of the Gemini Full Moon is a great time to focus on a word! (The full moon is always in sign opposite the current Sun Sign - in this case, Sagittarius) Michele writes: "Gemini rules our thinking and speaking, how we communicate to others. Words that harm or heal. Words you speak to yourself. The inner critic. Gemini and Sag work together...Sagittarius asks you to take a risk and expand into new territory. Which leads to my "Word of the Year".
"At the time of the Full Moon [December 12, 2008 at 11:37 AM est] Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn are together- think of a meet-up at Starbucks in the sky, both sitting at a table having Lattes. Mercury deals with the way you think, your issues with siblings and day-to-day communication. Pluto the cosmic garbage cleaner shines a light into the dark places you so want to hide from.
"This Full moon packs a wallop of energy as there is a Grand Square in the sky in the mutable signs of Gemini [Moon], Virgo [Saturn], Sagittarius [Sun/Mars] and Pisces [Uranus]. The opposition of Saturn to Uranus...forms a Grand Cross to the Sun and Moon, which will add to the power of the Full Moon. The Grand Cross is a spectacularly stressful planetary dynamic in which conflict between the planets builds up into a crisis which forces a release and ultimately, a transformative change." {Reprinted from The New Moon Journal, an online e-zine featuring astrological coaching tips, tricks and techniques for using the sky energies for personal empowerment written by Michele Bailey-Lessirard. Subscribe }

-- Now Saturn is presently 'sitting' on my natal Saturn - in the 2nd Saturn return during this life journey. The first happens in the late twenties, & is a time of setting priorities, getting things 'in order' (getting married, buying a house, having kids are common 1st Saturn Return tasks) . . . 2nd Saturn return is honing of priorities - what to keep, what to discard.

As I thought about a word for the year, my recent work with SoulCoaching & the spiritual book group came together, & the word "PRESENCE" slipped into my mind. Later, as I readied my massage haven for the first appointment of the day, I pulled an Angel card (from the Transformation game set) & . . . PRESENCE! OK, OK!! It's one of the cards added on the 25th anniversary of the creation of the original deck, & shows an angel in a shower of light. & naturally, when I went to look for it in my 'home' deck, it was close to the top. Naturally.

Presence - I AM the one who shines forth my crystalline being! I am the one who is present & willing to step up & be counted! I am the one who shines brilliantly, to show the way for myself & for others! I AM the Presence of the Divine! When I am present, I am able to fully experience & enjoy life!

The card was created in conjunction with a 'full moon dream board' as per Suzie - again, with the focus on Moon in Gemini. It didn't turn out very 'yule-ish,' nature speaks through: mountains, ocean, desert!! There's a mother & child, & a woman washing (printed on a washboard, square to L of tree) 'we was mostly 'bout survival'
Other words: 'Wrapped in Pride '(from an article about lovely African handwoven cloth - prints of which border the board), 'Treasure,' 'Success for the Soul,' 'Energy & Tranquility.'
I wish us all of these this season. &There's a cocoon, for wrapping up & dreaming - emerging new & whole! & a fountain & a wee nest, . . .


Suzie Ridler said...

Beautiful Dia! Your dreamboard is so ethereal and natural, I find it quite soothing which is wonderful. It didn't have to be Yule-inspired, that was just an idea to help people get going and create.

Interesting, when you write about presence it is all about being in yourself, right here right now. So very true.

Brandi Reynolds said...

presense is a powerful word.

I too found that the word came to me-not me to it.


Serena Lewis said...

Your dreamboard is magnificent, Dia! 'Presence' truly brings the Now into it!

love, light and peace,

jennlui said...

oh such a beautiful dreamboard you have created! the images meld so well together, it has such a earthy and grounded feel to it. great work!!!

and many blessings

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! Your dreamboard is gorgeous!
"Presence" - LOVE IT! as opposed to "presents" which is on everyone's minds this month.
I didn't do a dreamboard this month...yours is so awesome. With the craziness of the X-mas season, I'm going to live vicariously through your art and be "present" right here, right now. ((hugs))

Jenn said...

Wonderful dreamboard! I love the idea of having a word as a touchstone to provide focus to a year. The word 'presence' is such a good word too as it has so many layers of meaning along with a great sound, when you say it out loud.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Cool word. Next year is my third "word oriented" one and I need to start working on it asap. :)

Nadya said...

thank you, eveyone!!
So sweet to come home from my day of 'harping around' to these sweet comments! & no snow yet (I'm hoping it will hold off till Monday :)

Hey - my word is cool 'pawse' . . . pause & my puppy's paws come to mind . . .


Nadya said...

thank you, eveyone!!
So sweet to come home from my day of 'harping around' to these sweet comments! & no snow yet (I'm hoping it will hold off till Monday :)

Hey - my word is cool 'pawse' . . . pause & my puppy's paws come to mind . . .


carole brungar said...

Hey. thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving the lovely comments! It was lovely to meet you!
;) Carole

Caroline said...

How amazing! I love when the universe works likes this. Presence is such a great word! I want to do this...word of the year. What a great way to start off 2009!