Monday, September 14, 2009

Soul Collage treats

This weekend my 9 yr old granddaughter Alyssa was decorating her 'writing notebook' for her class, & needed some images from my store of old magazines - & when I was helping her look, I found some that inspired me . . . . & then some more . . .

So after a hiatus of several months, a group of SC cards came forward.

It seems that's my tendency in art/craft - something will engage my imagination for awhile, & I'll find myself involved in that media or with that subject, then interst will shift.

The first card: Tower & Labyrinth I bring you peace, a 'breather.' Time to step aside, let go, let down your hair - move into the tower of tranquility & repose.

Firekeeper, Protect
We remind you of the Heart of the Fire, of our protective warmth & secret depths. I am the tender of the Sacred Flame, guardian of the hidden treasure.

I carry the traditions in my eyes & on my shoulders. The dream catcher snatches away aught that threatens to disenpower. I dance to the ancient drum, & call you to remember your roots, in the depths of time!

I am the transformation! Open to the possibilities & catch the sun.

N W Passage

The NW adventure is your for the asking - move through the Northwest Passage & come home! Open your crown & remember the mer-people (mermaid with child on the Left above the Orcas) Hear the sounds of the Northern winds & whale song calling.

There's a lovely enrty on the Threads of Spiderwoman blog about the symbol of hands with an eye in the palm - such a fascinating symbol! I have a hamsa (eye of Fatima) pendant I picked up in Los Vegas (!) after admiring my girlfriend's piece.