Friday, December 4, 2015

Graduation and Workshop

It's hard to believe that we graduated from the Color of Woman Teacher Training a month ago!! Wow! Wonderful, wonderful time with two dozen students, plus Shiloh & Mary, the other teachers & several alumni.(Close to 45  students from around the world completed the training, so many of our sisters watched the Livestreams of the classes and Graduation.
Altar for Graduation
We wrote our own Graduation Ceremony, and were well supported as we took this next step on our journey to be Color of Women teachers & coaches. 

We still have several assignments to compete to receive our certification, including assembling our Initiate book (all our writing assignments, in pdf format), planning next year's calendar, completing the 'demo' painting from our two day workshop .... 

Stella Mac & Maestra Shiloh Sophia
 I offered my first two day workshop a couple of weeks ago, & had two students. One I'd just met at the Work Week Wine-Down at Walnut City Wineworks, where I have all the paintings from my Color of Woman journey; the other I've known for several years. 

Our theme was 'Medicine Woman,' & I sent out writing prompts the week before the workshop. Two beloveds came, & did an awesome job listening to their ladies' medicine, painting & journaling. My friend Sepha, who is very engaged in the work with Intentional Creativity, helped me set up the space at our Heritage center classroom. It was a great day. 
Linda & Stacy with their ladies

I am at work on finishing my Medicine Woman painting, & the other assignments due soon. I also have another show of my ladies hanging at Walnut City WineWorks, & participated in their events Friday & Saturday following Thanksgiving. The wild-salmon bake (Saturday) is an awesome event, and was well attended.  

I am a Color of Woman Teacher!

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On the Russian River

Early morning, as Maestra Shiloh wrote Monday: "My muse woke me up at 4am again. Sheesh. I go outside in the mornings and see the stars ... as the flow of night to day night to day reminds us how things work. It is happening all the time. And it is a miracle how it works.
~ ~ ~
"It is all moving all the time
whether we notice or participate or not."

And that's the choice, whether to participate, or not. Whether to observe, or not. And how we will carry our piece of the thread of connection.

~~ the lodge where 8 of us Mystical,  MáGïCâL CôSMïc cowgirls (with more to come!) are staying is on the Russian River, & the view of the river, and of Mama Moon & Stärs, is AwéSöMé.
When I'm staying somewhere away from «home», it's hard to sleep past daybreak, so I try to rise quietly, and , like Shiloh, go outside to orient myself.
Ahh, there's the Big Dipper, North is across the river! Ahh, there's the moon, peeking through the trees. The night is still, with the ripple of the water for background.
When it's Lïght, I'll go back out for Tai Chi/qigong on the shore.
Ooo, there's a sauna! Perhaps tonight after our gathering, I'll go....

Graduation day with Carmen Baraka
The train ride down to Martinez was fun! A couple of the gals offered to pick me up at the station, so I skipped the bus ride, we went for cappuccino and dropped our bags off before coming back into town, and meeting a beautiful bevy of CôSMïc cowgirls doing what we do best! Visiting, meeting each other for the first (or umpteenth) time, hugging, sipping wine chattering, and settling in for a Red thread circle.
The thread is passed, we share our stories, we listen, we connect the faces and voices to SiStars with whom we've journied this last year. We'll be together «in person» through Sunday next, to disperse to the four directions, taking with us seeds to scatter to the winds.

Seeds  of beauty, seeds of harmony, seeds of respect for women and the seeds of our own interconnected & unique offerings for our own communities, for our beloveds. Gathering teachings, friendships, affirmation of the good work this is, the good work we share. 
It is all moving, all the time, whether we participate or not ... will you participate?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Coloring between the Lines

Six Months ago, I embarked on a Quest, the Color of Woman & Intentional Creativity training to be a teacher & coach. While we still have a month & 1/2 to complete our assignments, next week is Graduation!

In one of our first communiques, our Road Woman, Maestra Shiloh Sophia wrote: "Wherever you are on your journey to teach or lead – this CALL has been in you all along and your YES to joining us is a catalytic action that will start a series of other actions in the continued fulfillment of your own unique life work. Each of us has been called together for an adventure in what is possible...

Tea with our Muses
"You have been called To TEACH. To DARE. And to call others into circle. I have called you and now you will call others! Indeed this is a great adventure and it is such a blessing to be in service to others – one of my deepest joys.
"You came here for a reason. You were called to the journey. And I am most grateful. Welcome."

In February, I said 'yes' to the call - 'yes' to the teacher training, 'yes' to this adventure. Today one of my friends said 'yes!' to NEXT year's training, & we met for tea & a 'heartstorming' session, planing workshop dates & thinking of venues.

I am finishing up the current segment of the Assignments, & this time next week, I'll be at the Mothership, in Northern Cali, with SiStars from around the world who will gather for our Graduation!! Am I excited? Am I nervous? Yes & Yes!! Shakin' in my boots! Yep!
Deep breath, whew!! 

Red Thread Connection
I'm taking the train - a first; & travelling on my own, which I haven't done for awhile. My 'lodging mates' come from around the US, from France & New Zealand! 
I'll meet a couple of classmates who live about an hour away, and our teachers & guides, who have been holding space & holding the Red Thread for us.  

Will you hold space for this part of the journey?
Thank you!! & blessings on your own journey, whatever it may be!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Elen Star-Path & class

I finished my 'Beloveds' Painting - & what a lovely turn she took! Elen of the Pathways is a horned goddess, whose tales stretch back through time. 
Elen Star-Path
Researcher Caroline Wise writes: "She is the Guardian of the ancient track ways, the Leys, the kundalini currents in nature, and as the Horned Goddess, she leads us to the first trackways, the migratory tracks of the reindeer and later, she leads us to the path of the red deer through the forests. From here she leads us to the lost Shamanism of the isles of Britain, and we can follow her across Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, India and beyond."  

It was a fun challenge to paint on a smaller canvas (16 x 20") & develope this painting in a quicker time frame. ...and then
On Sunday, I held my first 13-step painting Playshop' - "Dancing with the Muse!" I had three students, and we had a lovely time! This was my first Intentional Creativity class on canvas & I was a bit nervous, but it went really well.

One, my friend Sepha, has been teaching for years, & is a 'Paint Night' instructor; she offered to share some of her tips & helped me set up! What a blessing. 
At the Canvas
  • A bucket and pitchers for water - we were in a room without a water source, & this was great! You bring water in the bucket (s), fill the water cups, spritz bottle & pitchers, students can dump dirty water in the bucket periodically, & refill their paint jars. At the end of class, you simply dump the bucket(s).
  • Microfibre cloths for cleaning up spills - squeeze into the bucket.
  • My friend Elisabeth suggested using old T-shirt pieces for paint rags, & for 'burnishing' the canvas after 'glazing.' (I had paper towels at each station as well) With the 'glaze' step, we cover the whole canvas (or part!) with a mix of water and a transparent color, to Integrate the colors & elements of the painting. You can let this dry, or burnish it in.
  • Inexpensive plastic tablecloths (Dollar Store) on the tables, & be sure to wipe dry after use, so they don't get musty in storage
  • Tabletop easels (we could have painted flat) 
  • A clock 'just in case' the room doesn't have one (this one didn't)
  • I brought several 4' x 5' tarps to have under the tables/chairs (Duck taped to the rug at the corners, to avoid tripping) 
  • TV table for my paint supplies
  • Master's Brush Cleaner for the brushes when we were cleaning up - helps extend the useful life of the brushes
  • Square trays (dollar store) for each paint station - I'd purchased these before my 'Soulful Story Card' class, & they are a boon for keeping supplies corralled! 
  • Totes & a good Dolly for transport (I am still acquiring my tools for this!) 
  • I got a 12 x 12" three drawer container for the paint & other small supplies 
It was a fun class, our ladies are still 'in process ... a couple of the students already paid a visit to the art store, for paint, a new brush, ... while I got a jar of the brush cleaner, & D hooks for the back of my wood panel paintings, which will be in my next show at Walnut City Wine Works.

And this morning, my Muse was whispering in my ear instructions for crafting our next class, 'Medicine Woman' .... stay tuned! 

Harvest Muse - WIP

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Who are My Beloveds?

Some of the questions we have been pondering throughout our Color of Woman Teacher Training - 'who are my beloveds?" - "What is my content, the offerings that light my interest, & meet the needs of my community?" & "What challenges have I overcome to get here?" 

One of my challenges was breaking my arm in March (!! - the last time I'd been in a hospital, besides Childbirth, was when I had my tonsils out at 6!!) JUST before our Teacher Training 'Quest' began! That threw me for a loop! I could paint (It was my Left arm, & I'm right handed)
 ... but .... 
I was SO Tired! & I spent the first couple of weeks recouporating at my daughter's home (& my supplies were at my house) I was able to go home around the time our classroom 'opened,' & proceeded with the coursework.
I did considered stopping before I began, but was encouraged to stay in (Including deferring payment till I was working again!). Ah, what an intriguing way to begin, to persevere, and overcome that set-back! 

Who are my Beloveds?
One of the painting classes we were offered is a one day workshop, doing the same Color of Woman method, but shortening the time allotted for painting & journaling. We have had access to those videos for 5 months, & I began my painting some time ago, 'between' some of the other assignments. With a class scheduled NEXT WEEKEND, I am reviewing that workshop, & continuing with the painting. 

She's just waking up, with the features roughly sketched in. It's always fun to see them at different phase, unfinished, but with lots of character! 

What will come next??

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Soulful Story Card Session

In our Intentional Creativity Teacher Trainings, an early assignment was creating a deck of 'Soulful Story Cards'. These area deck of colourful and personal affirmations, tied with a Red Thread.

Over the years, I've worked with Affirmations in a number of ways - in a Loving Yourself class, taught by my friend Joyce Marvel & based in part on the work of Louise Hay, we made Affirmation cards, sprinkled them with glitter, & posted them on our mirrors, carried one in our wallet, & wrote them in our Journals.
A year or so later author Douglas Bloch, author of 'Words that Heal' gave a talk to a women's group, & gave us a practice for bringing the negative voices out, and listening for the negatives, then rewriting the affirmation, back & forth, over & over, till the affirmation became the dominant voice! 

Soulful Story Cards
In The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron writes: "An affirmation is a positive statement of (positive) belief, and if we can become one-tenth as good at positive self-talk as we are at negative self-talk, we will notice an enormous change." Like Bloch, Julia suggests writing out the affirmation, then the 'blurts' which counter it, & suggests identifying their origin - who told you that?

The Soulful Story Card practice comes at the affirmation by first writing out the  'stories' that hold you back, critic chatter, or negative beliefs on one side of a slip of paper: "I never have enough time!"  "I'm too old" (or too young, or too busy) "I'd love to do my art, but I don't want to end up a starving artist" ... and then writing an antidote on the other. These are done on index cards or slips of paper, then the Antidote is transferred to your Watercolour paper & decorated. 

When a client or friend 'affirms' a negative belief, I often ask if they wish to reframe that, & affirm something positive instead! I'm offering Soulful Stories as a Red Thread Session this weekend, and will guide a group of Soul SiStars through the process of bringing old beliefs to light, and creating their own Storycard Deck.

I also finished my Biz-Muse, with her Visionary glimpse into my values, offerings, & whom I'll be working with, my Beloveds! 

October is a month of appreciation for this year's harvest. I am grateful for the wonderful teachings & supportive community of Shiloh Sophia and the Red Thread Sisterhood. As I move toward Graduation (in November) & completion of the assignments, this cycle of visioning and claiming who we are & how we wish to show up!

Happy Paint Party Friday!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Roses n Rose Beads

Pot-pourri & rose bead necklaces
When I began to think of my 'Menus' of class offerings for 'Red Thread Sessions,' Grandmother's Rose Beads came to mind as a lovely offering.  
Rose Bead Necklaces

My grandmother Mary grew herbs & worked with them. As a teen, my mom & I experiemented with making rosebeads, as she had an old necklace grandma Mary made 30 or 40 years before!

My first attempt to make rose beads, using a recipe from 'American Girl Mag' looked rather like raisins, as the instructions didn't include any mashing! Next go - round, I ran the petals thru the Foley mill, & later ground them in the blender, with better results.

I used little brass beads from the fishing supply (my dad was a fly fisherman), as we didn't have any bead shops, & often strung them on fishing line. The outer necklace is 50 years old, & made by this method. The inner, strung with rose quartz, about 25 years old was  made with my dried petal method. 

In an herb class in the late 80s, Glen Nagle suggested drying herbs whole, then whizzing in a small coffee mill when ready to use.  Ah- ha! I could do that with the rose petals, as I often used a combo of fresh & dried for my beads. Viola, an easy way to store the petals (powdered or whole in zip lock bags or tins) & simply reconstitute ~ 1/4 Cup of prepared petals with a rose petal, lavender & rose geranium leaf 'tea' when ready to make beads. You can add a splash of Rose water as well.
Grind as much into powder as you want, & store in glass jars or canisters till ready to use. Choose petals from fragrant 'old fashioned' roses - the David Austin clones are often wonderfully fragrant, with extended season. You'll want to remove the petals from the centers, &; I sift the ground petal mix, so the powder is as smooth as possible.

Jude the Obscure (David Austin)
I usually add ground cinnamon, nutmeg & cardamom to the roses, & have found that a small 'simmer pot' is ideal for the heating & mash making process. (these are often available from thrift stores) My original recipe called for simmering the petals an hour a day for 3 days, so I often heat them up a couple of times before making the beads.
Glen recommended having the herbs 'crispy dry' before grinding. Any combination of traditional Potpourrie spices can be used: whole cloves, grated nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, corriander, fennel, and star anise, added these to your petals while grinding, as can a spoonful of lavender flowers. I grind spices with part of the petals, then grind other petals separately, so the spices don't overpower the rose fragrance. These days, I pour rose 'tea' over 1/4 - 1/2 C petals in a simmer pot, stir a bit, & cook for an hour or so.  Pour some tea for yourself as well - ahh :) You can place some of the mash in the fridge or freezer at any point, if you can't make the whole batch into beads. I've heard of folks trying other flowers, but I've never had that work for me. After shaping the beads, I place them in a plate and let dry for a day, then pierce each bead with a darning needle. I let them sit another day, then string on nylon line or waxed thread. Beads that break, I return to the mash. I string groups of about 10, then dry in an airy place, away from heat. Push pins along a bookshelf are good for this.I often simmer the petals for awhile the day before, then reheat the next day. You want your mash a 'playdough' consistency. A small electric potpourri crock pot is perfect for this process, just plug it in for a couple of hours! 

Roll the beads in the palm of your hand, about twice as big as you want - they'll shrink! Yes, it's messy! But oh, so sweetly fragrant! I make several size beads, & like to string in patterns of 3s & 5s.

Store the finished necklaces in tins or jars with rose potpourri, a few whole roses & sprigs of lavender. They will last for years when kept in dry in tins.   For classes,  I've purchase tins at thrift stores, & sprinkle potpourri in the bottom, to gift the students. The beads smell more fragrant when worn, as your body heat warms them. Just keep them dry, & they'll last a long, long time! Tiger tail coated wire is nice for stringing beads, & you can find a number of closures for necklaces. 

Rose flower essences are some of my favorites! & a pinch of the dried rose powder is great for staunching blood - what a nice way to deal with a bloody nose! 

Enjoy your play with Rose Beads!! 
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Biz Muse - creative business planing

We are in the Biz Muse section of our Color of Woman Teacher Training, & one of the assignments is to paint Biz Muse on watercolor paper. I've had *awhile* to work on this (OK, since this summer!!)
For those interested in the training - follow the link above for access to Shiloh's FREE introduction, online next Friday, October 2! A local friend signed up for the intro, & met me for coffee this week, to chat about my experiences! She's been teaching 'Paint Night' classes, but has felt a lack of connection to Spirit in these ...
Here's one of the prompts for our Biz-Muse: Create a business plan using your winged eye – you have to know how to look with a visionary lens to craft a business that reflects who YOU are.

Strips for Collage
I answer the call to create,
without feeling, I am taking anything away
from something or someone.
- Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Like several of our projects, we write intentions on strips of paper for collage - 
- I Am a Visionary Guide, HeArt filled and Joyful creatrix - 

- I Am Called to Create expansive and Joyfilled Expereinces, Images & writing that inspire others to a deeper expression of their Soul Purpose -

There are 6 more strips, which will be collaged on the Heart of this Visionary Biz-Muse

Biz Muse - WIP

I also scheduled my first Meet-Up class for next Saturday - making a set of Affirmation Cards (you can see my post about my first set here)

MeetUp - Soulful Story Affirmation Cards

So we begin to step out 

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Mystical Mermaids

One of the goals of entering the Intentional Creativity Quest is to share these teachings with others in Red Thread Circles & Workshops. I am so fortunate to live close to three graduates of this training, & to have experienced workshops with each of them. 

In early summer, IC teacher & coach Lora Rinke invited me to be one of the co-organizers in a MeetUp group for Intentional Creativity. She felt it would be good to coordinate with other CoW teachers &  students in our area, & I agreed!

Lora listed a workshop on 'The Mystical Mermaid, a Woman's Creativity Workshop,' for Saturday, June 13. When I asked if I could audit, Lora suggested I assist her! We met for lunch the day before the workshop (which would be in her town, about 20 miles away) to do a bit of planning.
In the invitation, Lora wrote, "She is a symbol of letting our hearts and passion overrule the analytical mind.  Perk your ears.  Let the mermaid woo you into churning seas of dreams."
Students engaged with their Mermaids
Lora, two students & I and met in a lovely, bright room in the Sherwood Senior Center.  Both students had painted before, and were quite comfortable with the process. I brought my small therapy harp Bella Luna along, & after our Red Thread Circle, I played while Lora read the journey/visualization! I have envisioned playing for one of these, & Lora was quite receptive to the idea, & the students loved it.

Lora & I each brought a 20 x 24" canvas, & painted on easels, the students had 16 x 20" canvases, and were set up on the covered tables. Lora suggested they bring journals, & provided extras.

Altar with my story cards & painting
Our altar on the counter close to the sink had a salt candle holder, roses, some shells, my Soulful Story cards & a painting I had done in another local class, my Awakened Healer ('She heals with Light & Compassion') who has sea horse earrings, a starfish & other sea elements.

Lora brought along large painting of a mermaid, & one done on watercolor paper in Hawaii with Shiloh, & we set those up in the front of the room.
Nadya at the easel

Since our subjects were painting mermaids, there wasn't as much instruction on the faces (which were smaller), & each of the students seemed to have a clear idea of where her lady was taking her!

I was intrigued that we were able to do so much in a 4 hour class (WITH a snack/lunch break, which we took on the picnic table outside the classroom!!)

Lora brought about a dozen Golden Acrylic paints, and the limited palette seemed quite adequate for our work, & cut down on time spent 'choosing' colours. We used rose petals to write our intention on the canvas, which was delightful!

It was a fun relaxed day, & a great experience.
Happy Paint Party Friday!
Lora (L) & Nadya (2nd from Rt) Beautiful mermaids

Friday, September 11, 2015

Alter & Atelier Reset

Last year when we began our Art of Allowing course, we were invited to set up our studios, & production assistant Ann Manatt offered a sweet little video for inspiration. I'd already been amassing art supplies, & was figuring out where the best spot for painting in my home (950 sq feet) was. I settled on my 'dining nook' & began shifting things around.

Magic Paintbrush
As we finished the third painting in our Color of Woman Quest, Shiloh issued an invitation:  "I would love for you to finish your painting if you haven’t, and then to clean your studio. Reset your altars. Make new room for the sprouts to come up through the ashes. You need space and time to see what’s coming up and what wants to be shared and prepared for Visionary in October."

I finished my Alchemist painting, Fire Keeper last week, & have been in a good cleaning whirl around the house, now it's time to focus on the Studio!

So I watched a few videos - Maria Munar on setting up a studio (starting from scratch!)

Ann Manat: Setting up your studio & supplies (for acrylic painting) 
Ann also has a series of videos on setting up face book pages & other helpful tips!  

And .... let's begin .... 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fire Keeper

Lo'oet, Owl Woman

Owl Woman - Fire Keeper
Wind at my back, fanning the coals, sun rises in the East
Fire keeper Am I, Keeper of the Sacred Flame
From Lo'oet, Fire Keeper
Long have I known you
  loved you
    guided you
      Little one, little SiStar, Talis Tenas
       Beloved little one
I sit on the bridge, tending the Sacred Fire
  for the people
     for the old and the young
      the sound of heart & spirit,
     for the weak and lonely ones
       for the free, for those ensnared
Medial Woman Am I
   On the Bridge between the Worlds
     Tending the Sacred Flame
       Carrying the stories, bringing change & renewal
And the Chalice of Pure Water
  During this time of fires, of drought
    This time of Smoke and danger
      I remind you to guard your flame carefully
   I hold the fire, yet my colours
     Are watery blues and purples
The Chalice brings life, brings renewal,
  Come, share the water of life!
Owl Woman, Woman between the worlds
  Wisdom woman, Keeper of the Sacred flame
    One with Clear vision, who calls sacred the homeland
Who are you?
   What would you?
      When will you?
    Who do you Ally with?
       What calls your Heart & Soul?
          How will you live from your vision?
Way shower, holder of blessings
  Who are you, in the great world?
     What do you bring
        In your Medicine Basket?
Medial woman, Owl woman
   holding place in the Middle
     Holding Soul Fire stories,
       Which warm the heart & enflame the spirit!
    Watching over the land & the people.
Fire Keeper am I, story keeper, wisdom keeper
    Keeper of the Sacred Flame
      Ever renewing, ever renewed
        Come! Drink from the sacred well!
      Come! Come home to your soul!
********* ********* ********* ********* ********** ********** **********

Tenas Talis, Little Beloved one!
 We bring you Wings & the gifts of the old Knowing! We light the fires of the hearts and souls, as you fill the cups, & share the abundance that comes to you naturally and sweetly! You draw from the well of old stories, weaving the NEW renewed and renewing You reweave the dreams, shining light on the strands, untangling, smoothing, awakening understanding. Quantum blessings await all who come to the bridge between the ways and worlds. 
You are so blessed, share the blessings! As you dance into who you came to be, the people come to the bridge - they come, they come! Are you ready? Fan the flames, pour the cup, tend the hearth, set the table, Welcome those who come to be renewed & ever renewing! All is well, all manner of being is well.
Aho - it is good!
** In the late 70s, I followed a meditation to 'meet your internal healer,' & Lo'oet came forward. Lo'oet is the old name for Mt St Helens, & in the NW tradition, she was the only one along the Columbia River who still had fire ... so Great Spirit (or coyote!) commissioned her to sit on the Bridge of the Gods, (then a land bridge) sharing her fire with those from both sides of the river. The children sent to receive fire from her mock her, so she asks Great Spirit to renew her youth and beauty, which Great Spirit agrees to, reluctantly! and then ....
In the late 80s, I retold her story, weaving in an Owl companion, & shared it in my Creative Writing class. A few years later, I wrote a song for my new harp, 'Fire Keeper's Lay,' which begins with the line "Wind at my back, fanning the coals, sun rises in the East" ... In a workshop on healing I took around that time, Rosalyn Bruyere commented that people ally around the goddess of the land, Isis in Egypt, in the NW, it was Owl Woman.
My grandmother's middle name was Vestella, 'little fire/hearth goddess' ... in both the NW and Greek stories, Lo'oet & Vesta have trouble choosing between two loves ... Apollo (sun/fire) & Poisiden (water!) .... here we have the chalice & the sacred flame ...

Owl Woman, Fire Keeper is the third painting for my Color of Woman teacher training, within the theme Soul Fire or Alchemist. Within the crucible, base metal becomes fine gold.
During 'Adornment, I used interference paint (just a dot!!), some mixed with Quinacridone Magenta or with Pthalo Turquoise. You'll notice these places where highlights reflect different colour!

What lights your soul fire, and keeps it burning? 
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Quantum Creativity

"Painting for me is a devotional act, a spiritual practice, a prayer and a way to share my love. My creations are the bountiful harvest from a life lived in service to Beauty and the Divine. I feel like a tree whose branches offer fruits and flowers to the sky – that must be -because they do not belong to me. My creations are both my offering and my overflow...
"My paintings seek to image a moment in time when all is well. A place where beauty exists and no harm exists. A moment when we feel as we wish we could more often, at peace with ourselves and the world, in love with one another and creation, and experiencing the miracle of life."
~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud

I have drawn, painted, and played with art all my life, from drawing the ponies next
* Sue's Cosmos *
door, painting Camels for a Christmas mural in Grade School, to HS and College art classes, & later the occasional Calligraphy or watercolor class. 

So in February of 2014, when my friend Elisabeth offered a workshop to 'paint your Muse of Creativity,' I signed up.I signed up, & the creative floodgates opened! Over the next year, I took classes both on-line & in person, and painted on my own, most within the 'Intentional Creativity,' this Quantum Creativity movement. 

A year later, I said 'yes' to studying more deeply with Shiloh, in her Color of Woman school of Intentional Creativity, to learn to share this method with my Beloveds! It is a wonderful, intense, supportive journey!

"For most of us, creative motivation requires a crisis - either externally, like a threat to our physical survival, or an internal crisis of intense suffering." Physicist Amit Goswani, Quantum Creativity, think Quantum, be Creative. According to quantum physics, reality occurs on two levels: possibility and actuality. .... by bringing our 'old stories,' the stories which have been running our lives, into consciousness, and engaging our intuitive, creative self, we change how we relate to the stories. And by recognizing the shift we've made, we can bring it into reality, and perhaps have the breakthrough without a breakdown.

Sisterhood of the Red Thread
An ancient Chinese legend tells that we are connected before birth to those whom we are destined to meet by a Red Thread ... this thread may stretch, it may tangle, but it will never break! We each have our 'own piece' of this thread, and are responsible only for that piece, yet we can Tug on the thread when we need a bit of help!
Amrit Goswani: "Non-Locality: We are all interconnected - even without signals, and experimental evidence is proving our inherent unity."
Into this quantum field, I bring the contents of my Medicine basket: compassion, flower essences, harp music, movement, creativity, and a desire to help YOU manifest quantum change. Paintings generally feature the divine feminine, and are done on canvas or Watercolour paper, with Acrylic paint (often Golden Fluid acrylics) There may be glitter!      

“So let’s walk our talk and make brain circuits of positive emotions. We just do it. We practice. Let some of us be good, do good. Be with God some of the time, be in the ego some of the time, and let the dance generate creative acts of transformation.”
~ Amit Goswani 
I invite you to come paint with me, dance with me, explore your own connection with creative consciousness, with Quantum Creativity, with quantum change!!