Thursday, April 27, 2017

Legend 2017

Two years ago, I joined Maestra Shiloh Sophia and a group of our SiStars as we embarked on a journey around the inquiry "what does it mean to live a Legendary Life? Legend is Shiloh's core course for women drawn to the 9 month Color of Woman quest and teacher training. After painting my Legend Shande'nea, I went on to join the quest, and graduated from Color of Woman, at the end of 2015.
Shande'nea© 2015

Shiloh revisits this core course periodically, and this weekend we are beginning another Legendary round. The theme this spring is "She's a Piece of Work!" (Have you ever been told that?!) Yes you are: a masterpiece, a legend, a wise woman!  
This year's quest includes painting a self portrait (lots of women artists have!) Writing your legendary story, creating a chapbook with Shiloh's mama, the poet Caron McCloud, and lots of juicy journaling and painting.

I'm excited that CoW graduate and Guild Member Jassy Watson from AU will be in the studio painting with Shiloh! I took Jassy's e-course to Paint Gaia in 2014, Ooo, was that fun!  She will also be Shiloh's guest this Friday's on Power Creatives TV, season 2. 
For our legendary journey, Mary McDonald and Jenafer Joy will be on board with writing prompts, painting and sweet support. The course is offered both in person at Musea Sophia in Sonoma CA, and online. 

Lady Gaia© 2014
I'm thrilled to be on the virtual support team, painting along with this weekend's Livestream, and connecting with the Legendary group via Facebook and group calls over the next three months. (The painting videos will be available through the end of the year, so those joining will have lots of time to complete.) I'm resetting my altar, and getting out my Legendary Essence from the last voyage.

I need to prepare my painting panel with a coat of GAC and then gesso. During the Color of Woman training I painted two of my ladies, Taliswoman: Songs of Light; and Alchemist: Firekeeper, on Birch panels, and love working on that surface. 
My son-in love Matt was a great help, attaching the cradle board onto the backs of birch plywood from Lowe's! This was quite cost effective, but we don't have time to craft panels this time. 
I'd love to have you join us; Happy Paint Party Friday!