Friday, January 23, 2015

Musings on the Muse

Happy 2015!
I was tickled to see that my November post was featured in PPF!!  Fitting, as it was about my show at Walnut City WineWorks as the 'featured artist!' THANK YOU for all your sweet comments!! & I LOVE the pic chosen - She Stands between the Worlds!

As I step into the whirlwind of creativity - I'm enrolled in Shiloh Sophia's 'Legend' course (6 months online), have applied for CoW teacher training (Color of Woman) AND am in her year long Red Madonna community .... I reflect on last year, & all the painting I did.

It all began with that workshop to paint my Muse with my friend Elisabeth back in February. ... who knew what a treasure trove that would unlock?! Shiloh says she feels the voice of the Muse of creativity is the voice of the Critic transformed! The Critic voice comes out when our creativity is stifled .... if you think of it, children create naturally & joyfully! 

Sisterhood of the Red Thread

I care for my preschool age grandkids 2 mornings a week, & they LOVE gluing or painting! They don't think about how purple looks next to brown, pink, orange! They might observe that all the colours make brownish swish, or show me their monster, but they just create! & then go on to something else! What happens when we create like that? 

Elisabeth's Magic Paintbrush
I love Shiloh's image of returning power to the Muse, and that transformation of the critic. When that voice of comparison begins to nag (who do you think you are, wasting all that time / money / supplies? ) turn it around! Ask 'hmm, would you like ribbons in your hair, or maybe stars?' .... & always offer her .... chocolate!! 

Pick up your magic paintbrush, & begin!!

How is the Muse whispering to YOU this year? 

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