Sunday, May 31, 2015

Legend & breaks

Shortly after my last post, I fell & broke my left arm, just above the wrist!!
As a self-employed massage therapist & harpist, it was a double whammy, time for healing & off from work (I wanted a vacation, ... not a brea-cation!! sigh
So I was in the hospital, with surgery (! First since my tonsils came out when I was 6!) & a few weeks later, began the Intentional Creativity (Color of Woman) teacher training Quest! 

This is a 9 month program, moving around a compass of inquiry, with the center our Legendary self - Here's my post from our online classroom about the completed painting (end of April)

 I used to be - a lonely only child, entertaining myself, unsure of whether I was *invited* to participate .... responsible - and yet ... wanting to step back, & let someone else invite, include, decide ... I used to live within a broken heart, not sure if I was wanted/ chosen ... I was gifted with music, dance, literacy, love of stories, wisdom of the elders, but still, at times, uncertain of my place within it all ...
Now I am Welcome & invited to participate in the dance of live; I have a place in the circle! he Red Thread invites me to take responsibility for my piece, I share space & my many gifts & talents with joy!
Dear Storyweaver; as I am invited, I invite you to fully inhabit my life & being! We dance in the garden of joy - I invite you to join me!
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Connected to the Strories and the tribe; Called to take her place with the elders, the youth, poets, dancers, artists, dreamweavers; I am She who dances with the Stars, through the StarGate - Shande'nea Elthia
Voice of Wisdom and vision, let me see beyond the little stories & mundane journey to the BIG story, the Big picture.
Way shower, Vision Keeper, Storyweaver, Rainbow woman of the inner places.
In the wilderness, watching stars dance & moon rise, I come home to myself.
Shande/nea, Lightweaver
Weave the threads & webs of life, ever changing - shimmering shifts
as we move beyond the stories, Light weaves and informs our very beings
My magic carpet & Magic wand bring me places I never imagined, but dreamed when I was starbound and glistening.
Shande/nea Elthia, light bringer, Star Lady, Dragon wisdom, Crystal light, star singer, StarGate!
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
The symbols: original symbols were: star, crown, heart, dragon, spiral

Scroll on Rt cheek: written in time, herbal formulas & healing nectar/ three remedies balance three tears/wounds. Sound, Flower essences, Essential oils (& herbs in other forms, other remedies)

Crown/Trees - the stars & crown were two of the original symbols, bringing wisdom of the Pleiades, downloading information & insights. The stars remain, but the crown morphed into trees, the standing ones who weave their own web of interconnection & share information through their roots, through the soil of mama earth. The base of the trees has become a crown of shell & rubies, encircling & holding a gentle, powerful wisdom.
"And our roots go down, reaching for the water, & our branches soar, shining in the sun - and the seasons turn, springtime into summer, autumn into winter, our spirits dance as one!"

Stars - Starlight - let my light shine, illuminate my path & call my beloveds! I also sprinkled my birth chart around the background, bringing in the planets to dance with the stars!

Dragon - 'the dragons of your fears - you have been blessed, so blessed & protected! The recent 'medical emergency' & breaking, being repaired is bringing so many hidden blessings (still unfolding). You are surrounded with many gifted healers.' I am Safe & protected, the Dragon infuses the Voice with Truth & Wisdom
I love the magic & wisdom of dragons as well, & the magical stories that surround them. The dragon nourishes the trees as it inspires & infuses my spirit, with information, intuition, insight, deep knowing

Eyes - are open to the new possibilities, and shine light that reminds others of their OWN light. Awake & conscious

Broken heart/Vestal priestess - The Hearth/heart fire has long been a symbol. My heart is transforming with this work - out of old breaks, gold fills & the clearing is complete - love without fears & without old rules/teachings binding'/ constricting. She hears the stories, doesn't give herself away; claims space & time for herself, fills her own cup, and hears the call of the community.

DNA shifts - the DNA ear-rings symbolize internalizing the alchemical process, shifting our very DNA with this work/play/ ritual

Key & labyrinth - this is the Cretan labyrinth, the path in & out of the labyrinth are transformative - we change our stories as we move through the cycles - the winged key in the center sets us free!

Spirals - ancient & magical, power, cycles, shifts & changes

Little dancer under the hill - when I was a little girl, a 'little blue man' stood by my door at night (about as tall as the doorknob) ... whether I saw 'him' or dreamed him, .... she is connected to the stars, dancing within the StarGate

* * * * * * *

This has been a powerful journey of bringing the stories forward, into the light for re-examination. Along with the old stories that can be laid to rest, there are the sweet stories & gifts that belong in the medicine basket!
Falling and breaking my arm midway through March brought up old fears around abundance & lack, financial security, ....and brought a deeper compassion for those in pain, wounded, uncertain of their path ... information is still coming in on that - & healing still progressing! I am excited to have the cast off, & to be typing with both hands!

While I could still paint during the time of active injury, I felt off kilter, & it took me awhile to get back into the flow of my Legendary self. I found myself more tired, & in 'licking my wounds' for a time. Hard not to go into 'guilty' mode - I had extra time, for heaven's sake!! And .... worked on NOT feeling guilty, but sitting with it ...
I am still listening to what Shande'nea has to tell me ... (her hair needed more blue, so we shifted that!)

I love the process of intentional creativity, seeing each woman's beautiful paintings, & seeing what is coming forward! 

Are you ready to transform some old stories, & shift some energy? Break through (without the trauma of a breakdown)! ... let me know!