Red thread Circles

Red Thread Circles are a way to connect in a respectful, mutually supportive group, and inter-weave the threads of our stories. The Red Thread has a profound capacity for connecting hearts and minds around what matters. When we face a challenge, we "tug in the Red Thread" as a reminder to tap into this web of support.

We may meet around a topic, and share stories, dreams and aspirations. At other times, we will focus on a Simple project, first setting an intention, or framing an inquiry: what is the old story? What lights my soul fire? What is mine to cause and create? 

At the beginning of our time together, we sit in circle, and then pass the thread: each sister takes a minute or two framing her response to the inquiry - often something like, "what would you like to release today?" Then she wraps a length of yarn around her wrist, and passes the rest on. During the second round, we often claim a gift or talent we'd like to deepen with, and snip the thread between us. We are each responsible for our own piece - not the whole ball! 

We often share tea (or wine) along with conversation, and Musés are very fond of chocolate! And sparkle! They don't mind getting a bit of paint in their hair, and love spending time together!

There are many traditions involving Red Thread, including Blessing way ceremonies for moms and newborns, tying a red thread around sage bundles, or a piece on the backs of our paintings.

One of our favorite tells is: we are connected by a Red Thread before birth with those whom we're destined to meet. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will not break. If we need a prayer or support, we tug on that red thread. And we are each responsible, not for the whole ball, but for simply our own piece. What is your piece?

Discovering our piece of the thread is empowering, and a way to touch in with our Soul purpose. Creativity with a foundation of intention allows us to recognize old patterns and stories, and make new choices, drawing on our inner wisdom. (& with all our projects and classes, no experience necessary!)

One of the simplest and most profound offerings is the Soulful Story Card process. When we identify the old stories which have been running our lives, we can begin to explore antidotes to the stories, and create personal decks of affirmation cards! By bringing the old stories to light, we can access the «soul » of what needs to be transformed, and can alchemise a shift. Each participant crafts a personal deck of affirmation cards on watercolor paper.
Using a similar process we may make a set of personal Prayer Flags that may be hung in your personal space. These may be done on cloth or paper, and are a lovely way send your prayers on the wind.

Another favorite is making your own Juju Journal! Using simple composition or board books as our base, we craft our own art journals in which we can process experiences and emotions, then cover them with paint, stencils, gilding, collage... Through the process, your perfectionist self gives way to your wild, creative, playful self, and MâGïC happens! 
Activate your Vision - RT circle 2020
And sometimes, we simply play with pattern and color! Ooo, ahh, it's a Paint Party!! 

In addition to monthly Red Thread Circles, I offer Intentional Creativity® classes and retreats, working with specific inquiries, bringing your vision to life in acrylic paint on canvas. We begin these classes with a Red Thread Circle, a visioning to connect with your own images, colors and symbols. Then you are guided through the step-by step process, which has been used by thousands of women in classrooms and, studios around the world. Each image is so unique, though we work from the same general instructions.
Margot · Denise · Carol - Wonder Woman 11/19
One-on one coaching allows for a deeper dive into the mystery of your story, providing tools for profound change. Again, we begin with the Red Thread, then move to drawing, and inquiry, and often discover what we didn't know we know. We can work on paper or canvas, as you explore and gain clarity.
Afternoon coaching session
These sessions stand alone, or may be combined with circles and classes. IC coaching is a co-creative process, inspired by your Musé, and supported by flower essence bouquets, movement and creativity.

Come paint with me!!

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