Friday, August 17, 2018

Insights and Legends

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is passing way too quickly! I've enjoyed several summer adventures, HS and family reunions, camping at the County fair with my son and
Statue of Amanda
his kids, while they showed their horses and chickens, and at the beach with our church family. Last weekend a galfriend and I attended a wonderful play my cousin Connie Bennett wrote about tune Oregon Trail of Tears, Amanda Transcending - wow! 

Days are beginning to get shorter, and today my 18 year old granddaughter moves into her dorm room (half a mile from home!) for an intro week before school begins. 

As my grandkids prepare for school, the does are also opening for the 2019 Color of Woman teacher training, with a four week introductory class called INSIGHT! (And it's Free!) 
Shiloh Sophia sets such a welcoming table, and the invitation is open to women around the globe with a desire to be more present, and live their Legendary Life. 

Are you one who has considered answering the call? You are invited!
 Lo'oet Firekeeper reminds you to connect with the creative fire in your own soul, and share the fire with others. Here's a creativity exercise to  play with - Happy PPF!