Saturday, June 13, 2009


Yesterday I stopped by the local yarn shop (yummm) & picked up a few skeins from their discount area - a lovely lavender (alpaca & tercel) for a shell or top of some kind, & a linen blend for a bag!

My daughter brought me an 'ergonomic' bag that one of her work friends was passing on several months ago, & the fastener is wearing out - plus I seem to (always) overpack it . . . just keep putting in a few more things, . . . I was perusing the knitting books for a pattern, & saw several bags that looked fun, inc a book By Cat Bordhi (watch her cast on a moebius here) that adapted the points from a jester hat into a bag, for pockets!! I hadn't checked at the library yet, so did a search for bag patterns on-line, & found this lovely Bag list! They also have a list of hats & socks & . . . .

Fun to try to determine from the pattern names if it would have elements I can use for my own 'ergonomic' & practical bag! I love the look of felted bags, & want to do some of those as well - but the linen won't lend itself to that process!

Here are some favorite bags - Juli has done a nice job of creating a pattern for a larger bag - either for toting stuff to the gym, or for those LONG knitting needles. I like her use of buttons at the end of the I-chain handle.
I have a lovely collection of needles from my mama, inc some my Uncle whittled for her one afternoon, when she commented she'd like some wooden ones in a size she couldn't find in the shop!

How fun it will be to begin . . .