Friday, June 3, 2016

Roots & Wings

The invitation to this Month's Red Thread Circle read:
'It is often said we need to give our children roots for grounding, and wings to give their visions and dreams flight! Our creativity also thrives with roots and wings! 

Come explore what gives you stability, & vision into the dreams you'd like to give wings. We'll play with paint and paper and you'll leave with an altar piece to remind you of your own Roots & Wings.' 

Natasha's Tree
What gives you Roots? What grounds you into your body, your home, your community? What do you - and your surroundings need to thrive? Where do you yern to spread your wings? 

What bogs you down - old baggage, old stories that 'it's about time' you tossed? We drummed & rattled to connect with our roots, the things that give us stability. 
Our images shared commonalities, trees, earth, sky, greenery. We played with acrylics, tempra, a leaf stencil, collage to create our images of well rooted trees, and words for both the stability, and the dreams we want to give wings.
We shared chocolate, tea, stories. We remembered loved ones who have gone on, our friends & mentors, wise Reita & Lucita, grandparents, parents. 

Suzanne's, Wendy's, mine & Sepha's
I really enjoyed offering this session, and making my tree - our project coincided with this season's Sage Woman Magazine theme, Roots & Wings, & I read one of the poems as part of our opening Circle, Chani Zqibel's "Under the Tree." 

What things nourish YOUR roots?
What in your life needs new wings?

Happy Paint Party Friday