Saturday, January 13, 2018

We are Legendary

For the past 10 years, Maestra Shiloh Sophia and her sidekicks Jena and Stella Mac have led a group of amazing women on a journey to discover their own Legend, and discoverong what it means to lead Legendary Lives. This course is the prerequisite for the annual Color of Woman teacher quest'
Several local RT SiStars are enrolled with over 115 others in this year's Legend. One will be going on to CoW 2018, and another is enrolled in the new Red Thread Guide course. In March, we'll host an open studio for them to paint together!

When I registered for Legend in 2015, I intended to do CoW sometime later,... But then Shiiloh opened a few more slots, and (gulp!) I was on the quest! Each year, a new group of women journal and paint their way out of old stories, and discover new pathways. We vision our symbols, and see where they fit, support each other through laughter and tears, and embracing new ah-has.

Color and shapes from earlier layers peek through, each building on the last, as our lives build on the stories of our families, and herstory, we sift through for those which inform our choices. What are we building on? Where is the foundation solid? Where does it require digging out and shoring up?

When I embarked on my Legendary journey, I gathered flower essences for a bouquet of support: Lady's Slipper Orchid for stepping out in joy, Star of Bethlehem for lighting the pathway, ... Symbols came, a dragon, dancing maid, a key in the heart of the labyrinth ...and my legend, Shande'nea Star Gate was birthed. (Read a bout her symbols and the journey here)

Shande'nea Star Gate

How can you doubt your Soul Purpose?
You were born for this!
You hold a gift, a treasure, 
a King's ransome that is such a blessing for your companions

Arise and Shine!
Do not worry, consider the liles of the field - you are blessed beyond measure
It is time for you to SHARE those blessings
The time you spend in Circle hones you for the Next Steps

Will you step through the gateway?
The dragons know the way, and hold the keys
Open your eyes and ears: see and hear
Make way for the Messages to flow
To glow and mark the spiral path

Breath with new breath
The sweetness of the journey
As you Dance Through the Stargate

Last year I participated in the journey in paint and story, holding space for the exploration. As our sistars embark on Legend 2018, my classmate Kendall Scott has assembled Legends from the SiStarhood for a Legendary SlideShow. Shande'nea is there with many others, gateways to our personal Legendary Lives!