Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Musings

The fall rains have returned, time for warm tea and cozy blankets!  I found a lovely
Nourishing Nettle Chai
recipe for Nourishing Nettle Chai, and made a cuppa - added nettles to some black chai I had on hand, plus adaptogens ashwanga, chaga and fo ti - warming and nurturing. I made adaptogen rich energy bars last week following a recipe from Mt Rose Herbs that are delicious.

This week our teacher Shiloh Sophia offed a muse day - Colorful Scars, another in her art as healing medicine kit. I played in my sketch book, and will revisit the teachings in a few days.

Our SiStars in this year's Color of Woman teacher training are nearing the finish line, hard at work on competing their initiate books, and artist's Thesis or record of the Quest. It feels a bit odd to have been watching from the sidelines this year ...awhile while support this year's class more directly. 

What projects are on your table this fall (or spring)? What are you leaning into? 
I'm working on some new pieces for my gallery, and listening to the muse for class offerings ...And enjoying new connections and inspiration via Instagram 💖

HåPpÝ Paint Party Friday!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Collage As Oracle

Since the beginning of my Color of Woman teacher training, I've enjoyed the fun and inspiring journaling guidance from our Journaling Maven, Jena Joy! She often provides journaling prompts to help us unpack information, and discover more of "what we don't know that we know. She has a FREE offer on one of her little workshops  - register by Monday! 

This fall we embarked on a 13 moon painting process called CODEX, and began with
dedicating an Art Journal for our journey. One of the early exercises was to make a collage, then cut out sections using a round template for Oracle "coins." We interpreted the Oracle of the first com, then glued it into the journal.

I've long loved oracles, both printed cards and my own interpretations, including soul collage and story cards. And I especially love round cards ... So I had fun creating my collage, then choosing small images to cut from the pages! 

Collage spread in CODEX journal
I brought a few magazines, printed napkins, scissors and glue sticks for this week's Red Thread Circle, and we used drawing paper for the background. We used the top of a tea tin as the template, for slightly larger cards. 

I decided to glue one of the two pages I created into my #codex journal, folding in one edge, as it was a longer paper, then added more collage to the back of the folded bit. 

I may glue these cards onto watercolor
Morning reading
paper to make them a bit sturdier and give them a layer of sealer.

  • What's in your cup, how do the tea leaves read?
  • Time for an adventure, Paris, anyone? (Or a tho tho nearby art studios?)
  • Or perhaps a cozy rustic retreat, nurture the body and soul
Do you use Oracle cards? Have a favorite deck? 

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Self care and fall leaves

The Northern calendar has turned to fall, colors are changing, it's cool enough for a cost today! Though I haven't painted energy day, I've enjoyed adding several layers, and
Blooming and Codes
some crackle paste to my canvas! I've had it awhile, but hadn't used it yet - needed to add a thicker layer to get crackles! 

Have you tried something new recently?

Whether it's fall for thou or spring, October is a good time to attend to self care. 

  • Ask yourself, are there a few things you'd like to add to, or subtract from your daily routine
  • Are there some friends you would like to spend more time with, or some you need to ease away from? 
  • What creative practices bring you joy, or soothe your soul? 

Often playing with image and color well will you answers, so pull out a sketchbook and coloring materials, and feel into these questions! Trust your intuition to give you answers.

Happy Paint Party Friday! And #30daysofselfcarechallenge