Friday, November 28, 2014

Featured Artist - Musings

My friend Brook invited me to be her Featured Artist at Walnut City WineWorks for November & December! (& on facebook)

Yarrow Rose - May 2014
In the midst of classes (another Muse painting adventure, an e-workshop with Jassy Watson on 'Painting Gaia' & Livestreams with Shiloh) I prepared for the show. 

The Gallery space includes several walls & the windows between the Tasting Room & the wine press room, so I wanted those paintings to harmonize ....  I chose a couple of canvases the same size, & opened to whom would arrive ...

Ether &  She of the Grateful Heart

She of the Grateful Heart 10-14

I chose Zephyr & Ether for the spaces on the left, & so the first new Lady is She of the Grateful Heart. She has lovely orbs done in interference paint, & a winged eye for insight.
One friend lives on a popular cul-de-sac, & always has several HUNDRED kids for trick-or treating, so we always have a little gathering, to help answer the door. After I returned home, I painted late into the night, a gateway lady, (and a bit the next day) She who Stands Between the Worlds.

She Stands Between the Worlds - Hallows 2014
 Last spring, I began Wind Horse honoring this year of the Horse, during an open studio day at my friend Elisabeth's. Inspired by Ree Altavilla's lovely horses, I finished Wind Horse during the summer ....note the Red thread on her rider's wrist ...
Wind Horse - Spring 2014

 Ladies on the left, with Mary of Magdalla (from Shiloh's Easter gifting of access to one of her courses at no charge! Thank you, Shiloh Sophia!)
Zephyr, Ether & Mary of Magdalla
Sekhmet was my summer lady, my second painting in Flora Aube's Art of Allowing online workshop. Finished on Summer Solstice, I love her fiery halo of hair & gold!  We needed permission to add a couple of nails to the wall behind the Wine Bar, so Sekhmet nestled behind the award winning bottles for a bit. She is the largest painting, 24 x 36".
Sekhmet - Summer Solstice 2014
My daughter Mary offered the loan of the painting I did in June for her & her husband Matt ... her middle daughter Kayleen suggested that the flowers represent the kids - 4 girls & one boy!
Love's Alchemy - for Mary & Matt - June 2014
Here's the line-up of Zypher, Ether, Mary of Magdalla, Grateful Heart, & She stands between the Veils! 
The Ladies
It was an exciting challenge to prepare for the show - who should I bring? How would we display them? I took a trip to the Merri Artist for picture wire & hangers (we only needed one set of those for the picture behind the Wine Bar) ... a book on nurturing our creativity suggests that one way to get inspired is to enter a juried show, or get ready for an exhibit! So true!

I'm happy with the show, and it was so sweet of Brooke to invite me to be her 'featured artist' for the winter! She has been asked more than once if she was my model for the paintings, especially when she dressed in autumn colours! 
You can peek at more of my art on my FB page Nadya's Atelier 

Happy Paint Party Friday!