Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Book

Last week our receptionist asked if I'd be willing to write the text for her son's wedding ceremony in a journal. For years I've been the one in the office to do fancy writing or calligraphy (when I was a kid, I had a calligraphy booklet, & copied the different fonts using a regular pen!)
Of course I said yes :)

They went to the art shop around the corner & picked up this lovely journal made & handbound in Tibet of fibers from an endemic shrub which grows quickly - the pages have a nice texture & it's renewable.

I used a 'Micron' pen with archival ink, which I use to transcribe songs I've composed or arranged for the harp.
The script is a loose 'Italic' which worked well with the fine-tipped pen. They had laid out the text by page - I used different spacing on a couple of the pages, & marked faint guide lines in pencil on each one.

Our receptionist's husband is the officiant, & she said he's got most of the script memorized for the special day!

I showed the book to my daughter, who got married in Jan - suggesting I'd be happy to do the same for their ceremony & vows. I'm also playing for a wedding this weekend - maybe I should add a blurb about wedding calligraphy to my wedding harp page, lol!

Seriously, this is a very sweet way to preserve your wedding ceremony & vows - I don't know if they're using this for a guest-book as well, but that would be a nice combo.