Monday, March 20, 2017

Winged One Playshop

In the studio
My friend Margot invited me to offer a painting Playshop at her Corvallis studio over the weekend, and we gathered to paint our Winged One, and give our dreams wings.  Four of her friends joined us for a lovely time of journey, sharing, red thread and painting.
Though I'm teaching, visiting her country  home always feels like a retreat to me as well. This is the second class I've offered there, and both have been well received. I played harp for our journey, we drew cards from the Mother Mary Oracle, and read poems from"Tea With the Midnight Musé."
Margot and Sherrie with their Winged ladies

As with all workshops, I love it as students get into their own painting grove, and each is drawing from her inner images and inspiration. Their creative Musé takes the lead, and their own style begins to emerge. 

As Shiloh says, "We us a step by step method, and my request is that you DO stick with the method. Magic will come - even if you are already brilliant at painting! And especially if you're Not!
"There's something sacred about the container; about the formula holding you, that allows for freedom to emerge! You are going to create an intuitive painting, from the heart of your own self. You'll learn to use your visionary lens for Active Imagination to connect with the light and spaciousness of your own sovereignty."

Through Intentional Creativity, you may:
Lillian and Sherrie

  • Discover and integrate your own gifts and treasures
  • Create poetry and prayers inspired by the process
  • Receive clarity on what you are here to cause and create
  • Access your own imagery and symbols which may only have meaning for you, or may affect the collective
  • Embrace painting as a sacred practice
It's pure magic!
Sharon and Nadya