Thursday, May 21, 2009

Table Play

I have an old wooden table that's been on my front porch for about a year - it was white - but about a week ago I had my granddaughters help me paint it blue - & we've begun painting flowers & spirals & hippopotomi, according to the 4 year old (her 9 yr old sister painted this one) ! They love helping paint the table - I drew the basic patterns (except the hippos!) & they have helped me fill in some of the designs with acrylics.

Sis added a heart, the letters & a purple hippo. Kakay's hippo patch is green. I think we'll paint designs all over the top, & just borders on the side pieces (which fold down)

Sis can remember when she was 4, & the table was in the back yard of their old house. When ate out there when it was hot, or when there were several guests - Kakay thinks we should leave it in my yard - where we're painting, so we can eat outside (it's almost warm enough - but I'm planning on putting it back in my dining 'nook.'

Today the youngest cousins were busy painting - KayK working on her 'hippo,' & Gregory his own pictures (the red was a tree at first)