Friday, January 22, 2021

Sit With Her

Shande'nea Star Path - Legend 
Muses each have their own energy and timing, their own interests, inquiries and inspiration. Shiloh Sophia, the founder of our Intentional Creativity® community, has provided a wonderful format for inviting our  Muses to flourish, and encourage us to shine in our own special ways!

Since painting my first Muse Gabriella in 2014, I've danced between painting, journaling, creating cards and codxes and being in conversation with my paintings. 

You might wish to bring out your Legendary Lady, and Muse, plus your notes about them, and the intention you wrote on the canvases, and call council.
Pour a cup of tea and sit with your journal and your ladies. 

Put on some music, perhaps what you painted to, before, or something you currently love.
  • What messages and insights do your ladies carry for you?
  • Do they have suggestions for how to proceed?
  • Which of your other ladies carry messages for you and your quest?
  • What is your next step?
If you are in process on a painting, do this same exercise with her, as you consider where to dive in. Ask her! Sometimes I do a light glaze, then sit back and journal while it drips.
Rosa Mystica - Legend 2020
This may be a good time to clean up your painting supplies, and reset your altar. Get out a new candle, and maybe some flowers to welcome your muse! Is it time to create a new journal, or Oracle cards? Sweep the floor, open the curtains, it's time! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

New Moon altar

 One of the simple practices we often use in our Intentional Creativity® community is setting up an altar. Home altars have been used since ancient times throughout the world, be people from many traditions. 

An altar can be as simple or intricate as you wish, often set in a lovely cloth, holding momentos of loved people, pets, items from the natural world - rocks, a bowl of water, a candle, some smudge or incense ... I have little altars on surfaces all around my home!

Today marks the first New Moon of 2021, with the sun and moon both in Capricorn. New Moon can be a good time for setting intentions and celebrating new beginnings, and a lovely time to create or reset your altar. 

A couple of years ago Shiloh Sophia shared a process of gathering and blessing water, drawn from a service at her church. From Dr Maseru Emoto's work on water, we know that water responds to intention and spoken words, and can be patterned.

Altar with Magïc brushes and Holy Water

My blessed water from that session included well water, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Hathor oil blend, and Our Lady of the Cosmos flower essence bouquet (formulated for Red Madonna 2015). I placed it in a cut glass, stoppered bottle, which I'd used for Holy Water from a Buddhist lama in the mid 90s. 

I often "charge" water by placing it in a bowl in the moonlight, sometimes with crystals in it. We can add some of this blessed water to our paint water, and to a spray bottle. 

The altar cloth is a placemat from France, and holds my Magïc paint brushes, crystals and coral, a carved red turtle (Kenya), reindeer antler, a goddess of fossilized horn and silver, Hathor oil, rose  beads (around the angel), the flower essence bouquet, smudge sticks, a Red Jar candle, and chocolate!

Altar for Mystic Legend

Some of my altars are set on cloths, others directly on a shelf. There are crystals, breathers, shells, Oracle cards, a candle or olive oil lamp, flowers, holy water, smudge sticks, figurines ... Some are little arrangements on window sills - blue bottlers, a little bowl, shlls, beads, feathers, bells ...

Denise Linn has written a lovely book on Altars and Shrines. While Zsuzsanna Budapest wrote a one on bringing altars and the Goddess into your workspace 

Do you have a home altar? .

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Legend - Rosa Mystica

Mystic Legend 2020-2021 

Painted through Winter Solstice, and the Grand Conjunction - Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0° Aquarius, as the sun enters Capricorn! Painted during the US elections, and the recent counting of the electoral college ballots. 

During Christmas 2020, "the one where we were quarantined," during time as Distant Learning aide for my 3rd grader Grands - who were in preschool when I painted my first Legend

I joined the Color of Woman class last January, as they painted Legend - Oracle and Ally. Filmed several years ago, that was Shiloh's most recent Legend, before MYSTIC, fall 2020. 

I've been compiling my lexicon of the Inclusions and Symbols.

Rosa Mystica

I am from the depths of the earth

And beyond the stars

From the grand Conjunction

Cyclical cycles converge

In our times.

I am from the ancestors

From the goddess

From passion and poetry

And the depths of deep silence.

I stand with the trees

The ancestors

The ancient ones.

I am from the Temples

Singing the songs of the Universe.

I call the children home

And send them on adventures, on quests.

I eat stars at midnight, 

To shine with their light and ignite others.

I am in you, and you in me, 

There are no strangers here.

We come from the stars

Living in the stars, 

Go back to the stardust

Turn the world around!  


Happy Paint Party Friday!

Blessings in 2021