Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Color of Woman - Priority Enrolment

This weekend I'll be teaching "Musé of Harvest" at my friends Margot's, my third class in her space. We have 9 enrolled, and a tenth would like to come, awesome! But, can we fit one more?? (It's a garage studio, and we had 5 for our last class!) 

It is wonderful to see the interest in this mindful art practice, and I appreciate energy
RaSani Spiral
opportunity to extend the Red Thread. This fall I participated in the RaSani Body Mind Spirit fair, where Margot advertised our first class last fall, and invited fair goers to add a leaf with a prayer to a Sun spiral at my booth. 

In this weekend's class, we'll explore what we wish to harvest from this year, what's going on the "compost," and seeds we want to save for the future. We'll share the Red Thread, and contemplate what "our piece" is. We will journal and paint, and at the end of the day, each person will have a unique painting, encoded with symbols and their own process.

Last week, the Color of Woman class of 2017 gathered virtually and in person for a completion ceremony! With the California fires, we decided to reschedule the actual graduation gathering in January (Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch in Sonoma weathered the fires, but the area was still smoky and travel was challenging!) 

Nadya with Shiloh Sophia
While my SiStars in the Guild and I offer individual sessions, classes and workshops around the world, Shiloh is busy interviewing students for next year's Color of Woman teacher training, a nine month quest! 

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who loves inquiry and creativity, and is interested in sharing those with others, as a way to process experiences. There's a free class Wed Nov 8, Consciousness and the Musé. This will include both an IC (intentional creativity) process, and more information on the training. (You can view live, or watch later) 
Women will be gathering from around the globe, the training can be done entirely online, and there are "in person" options in several areas for the painting segments. My roommate at graduation was from France, others had arrived from NZ, Canada and around the USA. 

If you're already familiar with Shiloh's work and teaching, through my blog and/or participating in her offerings, you may be ready to apply, and schedule your 1:1 interview with Maestra Shiloh!! Are you shaking in your boots at the thought?? Good!! 

With Priority enrollment, there is a significant savings on tuition, and the 2018 class is
Serena of the 7 Seas
already half full. (There are several love loans available, for those who need to make payments! I was blessed to receive one for my own training)

This is such an amazing experience! 
I did my CoW quest in 2015, ... I didn't intend to sign up, though I watched the invitational video, I didn't think I was quite ready... 
I registered to paint my Legendary Self (the prerequisite) ... and then, Shiloh opened registration got a few more students!! Dang! ... ok, I'll apply, 
... when I had my interview with Shiloh, she was in the car, with her husband Jonathan behind the wheel, and we don't lose signal in the tunnel!! ... and it was a strong "yes!!" for both of us. Who knew? 
I offered my first classes within the first couple of months, both Red Thread Reiki, and a Mystical Mermaid class with my friend, IC teacher Lora, ... I was on my way! 

Is Color of Woman your next step?? You're invited to consider the possibility!