Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2nd Card - Rainmaker

Here's the card that was 'hiding' (in the basket of magazines for gleaning images) for awhile - the second card I made. Now the 'good guys' card has gone missing!! Guess I need to get serious about a 'home' for the cards. I have so few I enjoy proping them up around the house - but where, . . . .

Rainmaker - I am the one with an umbrella on a dry day!
I am the one who does the rain dance, the Ghost Dance, the dance for deer & buffalo. I am the one who goes before.
What do you have to tell me? To keep hoping, to wish for what you desire, to be prepared for the rain to fall, the sun to shine, the day to dawn full of hope & promise! To carry on, without doubt, to perceive your success.

These are the papers I made for the altered paper exchange (my first!) I'm excited to see what the others have done. I played with dilute acrylics, metallic powders, & Celtic rubber stamps. I got the metallics a few weeks ago, to use on some of my SoulCollageLink cards - they have been fun to use - copper & silver.
Last year I got my dau-in law Angie a small kit of these for her fimo pieces - they are so rich, & change the look of the medium entirely!


Kathryn Costa said...

I love how the rainmaker's dress is billowing. I can feel the air fill the skirt like a balloon. Where will I fly to today? Ah the good guys ~ now where will I meet one? LOL

Lisa said...

Love this card!

Caroline said...

I love your cards...so beautiful! I loved reading the rainmaker today..."To carry on, without doubt, to perceive your success." I needed to hear this.