Friday, October 26, 2018

Fall Musings

The fall rains have returned, time for warm tea and cozy blankets!  I found a lovely
Nourishing Nettle Chai
recipe for Nourishing Nettle Chai, and made a cuppa - added nettles to some black chai I had on hand, plus adaptogens ashwanga, chaga and fo ti - warming and nurturing. I made adaptogen rich energy bars last week following a recipe from Mt Rose Herbs that are delicious.

This week our teacher Shiloh Sophia offed a muse day - Colorful Scars, another in her art as healing medicine kit. I played in my sketch book, and will revisit the teachings in a few days.

Our SiStars in this year's Color of Woman teacher training are nearing the finish line, hard at work on competing their initiate books, and artist's Thesis or record of the Quest. It feels a bit odd to have been watching from the sidelines this year ...awhile while support this year's class more directly. 

What projects are on your table this fall (or spring)? What are you leaning into? 
I'm working on some new pieces for my gallery, and listening to the muse for class offerings ...And enjoying new connections and inspiration via Instagram 💖

HåPpÝ Paint Party Friday!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Collage As Oracle

Since the beginning of my Color of Woman teacher training, I've enjoyed the fun and inspiring journaling guidance from our Journaling Maven, Jena Joy! She often provides journaling prompts to help us unpack information, and discover more of "what we don't know that we know. She has a FREE offer on one of her little workshops  - register by Monday! 

This fall we embarked on a 13 moon painting process called CODEX, and began with
dedicating an Art Journal for our journey. One of the early exercises was to make a collage, then cut out sections using a round template for Oracle "coins." We interpreted the Oracle of the first com, then glued it into the journal.

I've long loved oracles, both printed cards and my own interpretations, including soul collage and story cards. And I especially love round cards ... So I had fun creating my collage, then choosing small images to cut from the pages! 

Collage spread in CODEX journal
I brought a few magazines, printed napkins, scissors and glue sticks for this week's Red Thread Circle, and we used drawing paper for the background. We used the top of a tea tin as the template, for slightly larger cards. 

I decided to glue one of the two pages I created into my #codex journal, folding in one edge, as it was a longer paper, then added more collage to the back of the folded bit. 

I may glue these cards onto watercolor
Morning reading
paper to make them a bit sturdier and give them a layer of sealer.

  • What's in your cup, how do the tea leaves read?
  • Time for an adventure, Paris, anyone? (Or a tho tho nearby art studios?)
  • Or perhaps a cozy rustic retreat, nurture the body and soul
Do you use Oracle cards? Have a favorite deck? 

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Self care and fall leaves

The Northern calendar has turned to fall, colors are changing, it's cool enough for a cost today! Though I haven't painted energy day, I've enjoyed adding several layers, and
Blooming and Codes
some crackle paste to my canvas! I've had it awhile, but hadn't used it yet - needed to add a thicker layer to get crackles! 

Have you tried something new recently?

Whether it's fall for thou or spring, October is a good time to attend to self care. 

  • Ask yourself, are there a few things you'd like to add to, or subtract from your daily routine
  • Are there some friends you would like to spend more time with, or some you need to ease away from? 
  • What creative practices bring you joy, or soothe your soul? 

Often playing with image and color well will you answers, so pull out a sketchbook and coloring materials, and feel into these questions! Trust your intuition to give you answers.

Happy Paint Party Friday! And #30daysofselfcarechallenge

Friday, September 28, 2018

Blooming true

On the lovely Equinox weekend just past, Portland artist Flora Bowley invited folks near and far to a virtual paint party/open studio, and I was able to play along. After a kind of busy summer, it was delightful to get my brushes wet! 

First lay
Flora has teamed with my art teacher Shiloh Sophia, and brought her unique abstract vision to our canvases before, .... This is the first time I've joined one of her classes.

I chose a smaller 18 x 18" canvas, and have been following the lead of another artist SiStar, Gisela, using this as the foundation of a daily 10-15 minute painting practice. I'm enjoying seeing colors and shapes emerge, and discovering "what's next." Yesterday I glazed and added some crackle plate to a couple of areas for texture.

This week, Maestra Shiloh is painting with many from our community in Italy, and Flora is on wildland retreat under the Central Oregon stars. What wonderful ways to recharge and dream into what's next.
Add caption
I'm watching the light change, enjoying the full moon, and dipping my paintbrush in some wonderful colors. I glazed yesterday, and added crackle paste in a couple of areas ...

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Reflections and Insights

As summer winds down, I enjoy the slant of the sun, and hint of fall in the morning air.
Visionary Medicine Wheel
It's my both month, and I've enjoyed several adventurers: seeing Cindi Lauper and Sir Rod Stewart in concert - oh, that was fun!! A back to school BBQ with my daughter and Grands, and a beach trip with friends.

I've been enjoying the INSIGHT series with Maestra Shiloh Sophia, as we begin to
gather students for the 2019 Color of Woman training. This is an exciting time, as women respond to the call of their Muse, to go deeper and explore aspects of creativity and leadership. I am staring a new phase myself, as in enrolled in Jenafer Owen's program Giddy-Up training for online offerings - hold onto your hat!! 
And I've been exploring Instagram, a whole new platform!! It's been fun playing with my pictures for posts, mashing little montages (which don't always behave!) And meeting new virtual friends! I love the journal pages @quantummemoir does, and ... I'm @nadyakingartist ❤

We are each on a journey, and sometimes we "play small" or downplay our accomplishments, under the impression that is somehow better - were you ended told you were "to much," "too loud" "shouldn't brag" ... Most of us were at some point! Here's the thing, living small doesn't serve anyone! And we can be proof of what we're accomplished without denigrating anyone else, in fact, they may be inspired! 

If you journal, I invite you to take the time and record some of the things you accomplished this summer (or winter for our Southern mates) - a list, some sketches, however you choose! And then record some goals. A little vision flower is a fun way to connect with your values and goals.

  • Recent achievements I'm pleased with
  • I'm HåPpÎeSt when I take time to _________
  • This fall/ spring I'd like to _______________
  • My secret goal is _________
  • Some of my values are __________ (family time, being true to my word, harmonious relationships)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Insights and Legends

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is passing way too quickly! I've enjoyed several summer adventures, HS and family reunions, camping at the County fair with my son and
Statue of Amanda
his kids, while they showed their horses and chickens, and at the beach with our church family. Last weekend a galfriend and I attended a wonderful play my cousin Connie Bennett wrote about tune Oregon Trail of Tears, Amanda Transcending - wow! 

Days are beginning to get shorter, and today my 18 year old granddaughter moves into her dorm room (half a mile from home!) for an intro week before school begins. 

As my grandkids prepare for school, the does are also opening for the 2019 Color of Woman teacher training, with a four week introductory class called INSIGHT! (And it's Free!) 
Shiloh Sophia sets such a welcoming table, and the invitation is open to women around the globe with a desire to be more present, and live their Legendary Life. 

Are you one who has considered answering the call? You are invited!
 Lo'oet Firekeeper reminds you to connect with the creative fire in your own soul, and share the fire with others. Here's a creativity exercise to  play with - Happy PPF!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Summer Rambles

Summer is fair time in my part of the world, and the last several years I've been going to the Columbia County fair to watch my middle Grands show their horses and chickens for 4-H, and prepare their art for the open class. They both entered drawings, and Gregory, 12, got a special award (plus art supplies!) for one of his paintings! We stay in my son's camper, and I was glad it wasn't too hot this year.

I grew up going to the Deschutes County fair, which was only a few blocks from my first home. Mid June, I was home in Redmond, camping at the fairgrounds (now near the airport) with my classmate Nancy for our 50th HS reunion. (!!) Growing up, I was in 4-H sewing, and also entered art in open class. I remember the anticipation, wondering how my work would place! 

With these adventures, my canvases have been rather neglected, ...Gregory and I enjoy
Stella Polaris sketches
sketching between events, and my watercolour watercolor crayons are great for this. I played with faces for Stella Polaris, lady of the north, an online class with my friend and color of Woman classmate, Grace Steenberg

Grace lives in Denmark, and several years ago travelled to visit a sculpture carved by our intentional creativity "grandmother,"' Lenore Thomas Strauss which is on a remote island. You can view the photos here.

Stella Polaris, light of air
I have danced with the elements on my Stella Polaris canvas, the last being air. 
Today is full moon in airy Aquarius, and another eclipse. My Red Madonna canvas is calling for attention as well , ....what's on your easel or worktable?  HåPpÝ Paint Party Friday!!