Friday, February 27, 2015

Legendary Essence

In January, I began a 6 month online course 'A Fall in Love Legend' with a group of other women embarking on a journey of self discovery. Some of us will be going on to the Color of Woman Teacher training with Shiloh Sophia, others have already completed the training, and others were simply drawn to this course.
I pulled out some of my Flower Essence books & journals, & began the process of crafting a flower essence 'bouquet' to support my process with painting my own Legend. 

I began making my own flower essences in the early 90s: the chosen flowers are placed in water, in the sunshine for several hours - then bottled & the energetic 'fingerprint' of the flower preserved for later use! 

For my 'Legendary' essence, I chose some flowers to support work with the symbols from our 'compass' meditation, plus several for embarking on this journey!

Blueberry: past life info, stretching
Lady's slipper orchid: new opening, water balance, step forward with grace
Iayah Ixchel Orchid: Divine feminine in all aspects
Clary sage: Clear eyed vision of sage, balance
Rhytidiadelphus: Clear deep blocks, restore core essence
Illwara Flame Tree: Left out/ gain confidence

Star of Bethlahem: I AM the Light of New Possibility, stepping into my Legendary Life
Mallow: Warm open heart, Past Life Memory
Snapdragon: Express feelings, speak truth
Madrone: Spirit tonic, Crown chakra
Queen Ann's Lace: Inner vision, calm, Highest choice, crown chakra
Legend - Shande'nea Star Gate
I add a few drops to my water or tea, to the water for the acrylic paint, & to a spray bottle. 

We have begun to paint, putting words on the canvas, strokes of colour (just 3 at first). Courses with Shiloh Sophia include a period of visioning, journaling, poetry writing, more journaling, sketching, painting. 

With 'Legend,' we are examining the stories that have been running us, & visioning into our new stories, and living our own legendary lives! 

"We all have our own life to pursue
Our own dream to be weaving
And we all have the power to make wishes come true
As long as we keep believing."
 - Louisa May Alcott

# 86: Structure your day so you have time for painting, reading, exercising and resting.
Irwin Greenberg's Painter's Primer 

Happy Paint Party Friday

Friday, February 20, 2015

Trees on display & a YES!

"Trees" - Currents Gallery
  Happy Year of the Sheep!

The year is off to a good start, with two of my pieces on display at Currents Gallery in their TREES show! The show runs through mid March, & both pieces are for sale.

Bhodi Tree Buddha - acrylic on canvas
Bhodi Tree Buddha was inspired by a photo of a buddha head carved into a true bhodi tree ... wow! I love this little piece. 
12 x 12", Golden Acrylic on Canvas

The second piece, Quickbeam, is a vignette of a section of 'Gaia,' that I painted in Jassy Watson's e-course - LOVED working with Jassy, who lives in Australia! 

Lovers of the Lord of the Rings (especially the books) will remember the 'Hasty' Ent Quickbeam, who loved the Rowan trees which once graced his part of the forest. He befriended the hobbits Merry & Pippen as they came through the Forest of Fanghorn, after escaping capture ... I wished the second movie had featured more of their adventures, & less war, .... 
Quickbeam - acrylic on canvas 10 x 10"

I have a small show (5 paintings) up at a nearby shop, Inner Oasis, more Musings! The shop is about a block from the gallery, at 448 NE 3rd street.

Pieces include a couple from the previous show, Yarrow Rose & She stands between the Worlds, plus the butterfly queen Icaricia, & Spirit Dancer.

Pieces on my easel include my Legendary Self & the Queen of the Cosmos, from Shiloh Sophia's teachings. 

And ... drum roll, I decided to take the plunge, & said YES to Color of Woman 2015 Teacher Training!! YIKES!! .... exciting & overwhelming, all at once! Am I shaking in my boots? YES!! .... & excited to be on board! 

Quickbeam & friends
I was happy to see a couple of pieces by my friend Cherilyn SunRidge in the Currents show - one hung just above Quickbeam!! & isn't this felted tree lady wonderful? 

What's on your easel? 
Happy Paint Party Friday!!