Thursday, December 3, 2020

Flower Essence Cards

This fall I've been enjoying learning about, and beginning to do Neurographica. This way of creating helps "Balance the mind, inspire creativity, and explore different approaches to problem solving." 

"From the first rounding of intersections and angles, there is a sense of recreating wholeness, of softening the edges of harsh thoughts; of merging with our greater intentions and better knowing. Of being whole and letting go of fear, of opening to unlimited possibilities."

The basics:

  • Think of your intention or a concern
  • Draw random lines (not an even zigzag!) 
  • Or begin by tracking astound your hand or a leaf
  • Round the intersections -calms the neurons, reduces tension
  • Circles bring harmony 
  • Observe how your body feels as you draw, as those intersections soften.
  • Color - 3 or more colours, color in at least three segments with one color 

Through November I drew and colored a number gratitude cards, and some centered around handprints or leaves.

Neuro-Noodle Labyrinth

After seeing a friends Neurographic Christmas cards, I was inspired to some as well - In the 70s and 80s, I often drew our cards, and sets of paper dolls. A couple of those were printed in doll magazines. 

California Poppy - true gold in your heart

I've been creating essence bouquets for my grandkids, and began drawing essence cards - I did a few cards decades ago when I began creating my first essences and combining them into bouquets 💐 The first were larger (poppy and fuscia)

Fuscia - soul warmth
Using 5.5x8.5" mixed media paper, I began creating smaller cards - the #Neurolines interconnect if I draw before separating them ❤ 
I begin with the circle for the flower cameo, then add the neurolines (on larger cards there's room for circles) I haven't colored any yet, and may print these! 
Essence cards
  • Forsythia – announce presence, golden trumpet, Gabriella
  • Hyssop – takes the strain off DNA, purify, release guilt 
  • Rosemary – liquid ambrosia, strengthen immune system, enhances memory
  • Violet – trust warmth of others, express own warmth, comfort in groups

  • Aster - illumination, sacred play, create time and space for creativity 
  • Borage  – optimism, seed of Hope · opens heart, comfort and courage, joy, illuminates your unique path  
  • Nettle (Sister Spinster) - align with personal truth, speak up in prickly situations, don't panic! 
  • Yarrow - strong, healthy boundaries, compassionate awareness, seals energy leaks, wholeness         
Drawing these cards is a sweet way to connect with the energy signatures. Do you have a favourite you'd like as a card? Let me know in the comments!