Friday, September 6, 2019

Codes and Codecies

I've been in the Atelier this week, which also marked my birthday! This time last week, I was in the mountains with my daughter's family and our friend Monika with her younger kids - a wonderful end of summer camping trip before the kids headed back to school. Then a visit to the ocean for sun in the beach, and several yummy BD meals ...

The Apothecary journey was again powerful, and it was an honor to hold space in the virtual classroom with several SiStars, as we watched the work unfold. My vessels are bubbling away... More to come! My friend Sherry and I intend to offer an in person event within the next few months.
Apothecary Medicine Painting
Last fall our intentional creativity community began a 13 Moon painting journey called CODEX, which began with journal prompts and a big canvas. After "awhile" away, I brought mine back to the easel yesterday, brought in more symbols and energy codes. Do you get distracted, and wonder where the time went? Guilty! But "there's no behind," ... Just different process! 
I've been shepherding a group of SiStars on the Color of Woman journey In years past, who are in "Muse Time" as they compete their quests, and am so pleased that several have competed their initiate books, and graduated from the training! 
CODEX - in process
I've shared to do more coaching, and a few weeks ago I had an individual session with a nearby SiStar. We were both pleased with our inspiring time together. I love this process of each doing our own work, and bring forth our own symbols and images! Our session was only 4 hours, and I've spent more time with mine since.

My Demo 

Muse of Creativity
My friend Margot and I are planning our fall workshop in her studio, set for the second weekend in November. I'd love and SiStars in Oregon to join us! 

What's in your cup, and on your easel? 
Happy Paint Party Friday!