Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Give Aways - just in time for Christmas!

Melissa is having a great give away for her 4th anniversary (or Blogoversary) .... darling valentine 'fixings' & Ophelia (who hosted a 'fab' paper trade - my FIRST! is having one on hers as well :) So head on over & leave some comments!

As one of the others said, four years ago I hadn't even heard of blogs - tho I was busy creating my own websites! I love the opportunity for interaction with blogs - occasionally get an e-mail from someone who encounters my site, inc random orders of flower essences!

Burr - cold here! Hope it eases up a bit tomorrow so I can get over to Oregon Mutual & do some harping!


Caroline said...

You play the harp! That is just lovely...such a beautiful instrument! Very magical and peaceful...wish I could go and watch you!

Unknown said...

Hi Dia,
You were one of the lucky winners on my blog....email me your address and I'll get you some goodies in the mail.
Love your blog!!

Nadya said...

Woo Hoo - thanks, Ophelia! Snowy here - a lot of things shut down for a few days - pretty incredible!! Hope it melts s-l-o-w-l-y enough to go into our water table & not just flood!!

Celestite said...

There is an interesting community of bloggers, isn't there. I was totally unaware of this when I started blogging and I have greatly enjoyed it.