Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On the Russian River

Early morning, as Maestra Shiloh wrote Monday: "My muse woke me up at 4am again. Sheesh. I go outside in the mornings and see the stars ... as the flow of night to day night to day reminds us how things work. It is happening all the time. And it is a miracle how it works.
~ ~ ~
"It is all moving all the time
whether we notice or participate or not."

And that's the choice, whether to participate, or not. Whether to observe, or not. And how we will carry our piece of the thread of connection.

~~ the lodge where 8 of us Mystical,  MáGïCâL CôSMïc cowgirls (with more to come!) are staying is on the Russian River, & the view of the river, and of Mama Moon & Stärs, is AwéSöMé.
When I'm staying somewhere away from «home», it's hard to sleep past daybreak, so I try to rise quietly, and , like Shiloh, go outside to orient myself.
Ahh, there's the Big Dipper, North is across the river! Ahh, there's the moon, peeking through the trees. The night is still, with the ripple of the water for background.
When it's Lïght, I'll go back out for Tai Chi/qigong on the shore.
Ooo, there's a sauna! Perhaps tonight after our gathering, I'll go....

Graduation day with Carmen Baraka
The train ride down to Martinez was fun! A couple of the gals offered to pick me up at the station, so I skipped the bus ride, we went for cappuccino and dropped our bags off before coming back into town, and meeting a beautiful bevy of CôSMïc cowgirls doing what we do best! Visiting, meeting each other for the first (or umpteenth) time, hugging, sipping wine chattering, and settling in for a Red thread circle.
The thread is passed, we share our stories, we listen, we connect the faces and voices to SiStars with whom we've journied this last year. We'll be together «in person» through Sunday next, to disperse to the four directions, taking with us seeds to scatter to the winds.

Seeds  of beauty, seeds of harmony, seeds of respect for women and the seeds of our own interconnected & unique offerings for our own communities, for our beloveds. Gathering teachings, friendships, affirmation of the good work this is, the good work we share. 
It is all moving, all the time, whether we participate or not ... will you participate?