Friday, December 5, 2008

Two New Cards!

Last night I created two new cards. There's one I made 'between' these & the last - but it's hiding somewhere :) There are so few that I tend to prop them in different places.

"The Good Guys" - We are the ones who see the sparkle in your eyes & joy in your heart!
- I am the one who makes healthy choices for body, mind, spirit & emotions
- We are the ones who encourage you to dance, to free your spirit to soar. We are the ones who see your wings, as you see our halos! . . .

"Make a Wish" We believe in magic! We wished for you, & you appeared!
We are the young in spirit, the old in soul. We believe in fairies & angels, in magic lamps & wishing pools.

Make a wish! We bring your heart's desire!

For the first card, I chose images of men looking straight at you, with smiles & a sparkle; & the 2 images with women - looking at the first woman, & swimming with the second. I have taken a workshop with one of the men - Jon Schreiber (center, with his hand under his chin) . . . lets just say, I've been attracted to enough 'bad boys' for this lifetime!

The little girls are blowing bubbles, with the help of their dad, while the little boys scan the water, & the genie is just emerging from the lamp! The girls have mulberry paper wings, as does the gal in 'Hope of the Future.'

These cards make me smile when I see them!


daktara said...

good work of you

Miss Kim said...

Oh I like these very much! I'm so new to SoulCollage and I eagerly look at everyone's cards for inspiration. I've added you to my blogroll too! Nice to 'meet' you!

GreenishLady said...

Ah, what beautiful cards. I like the dreamy haziness! Thanks for sharing them. Imelda

Gutsy Living said...

Do they take a long time to make? Very beautiful?