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I'm one of those gals who drew in program margins, and sketched during meetings. In 2014 I discovered Intentional Creativity®, and it was a great fit! I am an Intentional Creativity Guild Member, and certified Color of Woman Teacher, guide and coach.  

I paint for myself and personal process. I paint to  receive and record messages. I paint because I am called to the easel by that siren, the Muse! Each painting begins with inquiry, and writing an intention on the canvas.

Here are some of my current collection; links lead to blog posts about these ladies who carry the energy and mystery of the times they were painted.

Sea Rose - We-co'ma Kloshe tip-so '21
Acrylic on canvas · 18x18" - $225-

Awaken in the

Mystery - hear her calling?

Her voice, her presence

Sacred breath beckons 

Treasure so vital, precious

Queen of deep water.

She Changes
Acrylic on wood 20×20" $300
Mama Gaia invites us to be good stewards, and walk gently on the land. "She changes everything sore touches, and eberything she touches changes!"
Forest Queen '20
Acrylic 14×14"  $130

River Singer '20
Acrylic 20×16"  ($150) SOLD
Forest Queen and River Singer began in online classes with my friends Christy and Carol, as they completed their Color of Woman teacher training - the last step is offering a painting class! River Singer has the Breitenbush Luigi in her cheek, and an apple in hand, and she hooves thanks for the gallery, and offers prayers for the earth.

Mystic Harp '20
Acrylic 16×20" $150
The Mystic Harper reminds us that Self care isn't selfish! How do you nurture and tend your spirit? 

Rosa Mystica '20
Acrylic on wood 24×30" $375
"I am from the depths of the earth, and from beyond the stars ...." 
Painted through the election, through Winter solstice and the Grand conjunction, Rosa Mystica holds the seeds of change and an air of mystery ...

Crystalline Heart / Wonder Woman
Round 20" - private collection
Wonder Woman invites us to address our Super powers, approach each new situation unencumbered by the past. Her magic harp resonates with  her theme song, and pierces the veils. 

Dance of the Tree women '19
Acrylic on Wood 24×24" $288
Have you seen the Tree sisters, dancing in the Twilight - that liminal time between day and dusk? Have you heard their call?

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