Saturday, April 5, 2014

Music & Waves

Lior and the Sea, Blessings of the Grandmothers
This week I pulled out several songs I wrote for the folk harp, & reworked them a bit. I studied piano with a lovely teacher, who taught me to write out music, & we studied a good bit of theory.
Today another harper visited. He is interested in ordering a harp like of mine from a luthier across the country, so he stopped by to play for awhile, which was fun for my harps & me!

When my middle granddaugher drops by to paint, I wanted some simple surfaces for her.

Lady of Wind & Waves

I put gesso on on several 5 x 8" pieces of matt board I'd picked up for Collage.

They are perfect for small pics, so I did one as well. I began with acrylics, & finished with oil pastel, using copper paint for the necklace & earrings.

I'm linking to Paint Party Friday! Enjoy!