Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Visioning

I'm invited to a party this PM, sharing time & goodies with friends who will play games. At times I enjoy games, but those times are rare, & dependant on the company & the game!
Apples to Apples & Balderdash are fun, as are Domino games. Peggity (a 50s varient of 'Go') I adore, & as a teen was a 'Peggity Shark.' My dyslexia makes Scrabble unbearable, so I don't usually participate in that. The Transformation 'Game' is a delight, but my friends usually say it's too 'serious, . . .

So I'll be bringing collage supplies as my 'back up plan' - one of my favorite New Year's Eve activities is doing a treasure map or vision board! I have made these occasionally - the first was at New Years with friends ~ 12 years ago. One couple thought they wanted to adopt a child, but hadn't begun the process. They EACH put a photo of an oriental child on their boards, & within the next two years, adopted their son, then a few years later their daughter!
Another friend wanted to take her husband to the red rocks in Arizona, & that was the 'one thing' on her delightful board that hadn't manifested yet. (within a year, they had gone)

Earlier in the month I made a 'dream board' on the New Moon. I'll be intrigued to see what images come at this hinge between the years, what images I'll choose for seeding the future. The word that came for 2009 is PRESENCE, so whatever I'm drawn to will support that intention.
For tomorrow, Tori mentioned a blessing jar suggested over on Robyn's Blog - & I had to check it out! Sweet ritual: "Sweep, Smudge & Blessing Jar" Lots of choices for the contents of the jar! & one of my galfriends gave me a sweet little ceramic jar for blessing words - think I'll use that!

Blessings upon the New Year!Link


Unknown said...

i am just getting into making soul collage cards... i have all teh stuff and just haven't had a chance to Do It. one of my decisions for this new year is to make a card a month! :)

Divine Thoughts said...

Imagine Turning Your Vision Board into a Movie. I also I stole this affirmation for my New Years Affirmation Resolution. "I have 1 million happy customers in 2009" :) It's time to start the New Year with a Bang. Peace and Blessings

Gutsy Living said...

I love to start the New Year without resolutions, but just by being positive. Happy New year.

Nao said...

I also create my vision board for the New Year at this time and am always in awe of the goodness that manifests when I put my prayers out there.

I loved the comment you left on my blog about your granddaughter seeing the Faeries in the Rosemary, beautiful~

Happy New Year~ I shall be back.

Anonymous said...

I have been putting off doing my vision board. This gives me some great ideas to get going.

Thanks for visiting my blog Suspended Soul. I added you to my blog roll.