Saturday, September 24, 2016

First and Latest

Recently, Maestra Shiloh Sophia issued a challenge to post pictures of the first painting we did using Intentional Creativity methods, and the latest! I had just taken a workshop with one of the current Color of Woman teachers-in-training Tina Gain, and painted a sweet lady during her two day offering, "Caregiver, Heal Thyself!"

This seems a perfect time to reflect on that first class in February 2014, when I painted my "Musé of Creativity" Gabriela in a similar maiden voyage IC class, offered by my friend Elisabeth Freise-Mick
Gabriella, end of workshop
       At the end of class, (just one day!) Gabriela was still rather raw, and I later spent time developing her, filling her hair in, evening out her compassion, adding ribbons and details on her harp. 
       Elisabeth tried to get me to leave Gabriella "as is," as reference point for later work, but as an Artist, she felt unfinished! Several students have asked to see my early work, and now I see the value of keeping some ladies in a less finished state. 
Gabriella, Muse of Creativity

Star Song emerged out of the cosmos, during Tina's 10 hour workshop  weekend  (And yes, I'm still working on her!) I loved learning a new way of doing stars, and the appearance of her Dragon companion. I love the focus and depth of Intentional Creativity!

It is fun to view these ladies side by side, and see how my style and techniques have developed. Each carries a message of shining our light.
Star Song - 2016