Friday, May 26, 2017

Creative planning

Yesterday I saw a Facebook post by an art biz coach who advised doing a progress review at the end of each week, noting at what happened, and what goals you met. Coupled with his observation that all to often, artists let the business portion of being artists lag.

... while I appreciate his suggestions, I was reminded of why I love the whole brain, Muse led approach, which we favor in Intentional  Creativity! Our biz-coach, Stella Mac had us "Create a business plan using your winged eye – you have to know how to look with a visionary lens to craft a business that reflects who YOU are." 

And Maestra Shiloh wrote: "I answer the call to create, without feel long I am taking away anything from something or someone."

One of the biz tools I used last year was taking the year long plan we created during our teacher training, and doing a monthly Smashbook spread with my goals spa splashed about, "popcorn" style. Some were specific to that month, while others are ongoing (hosting monthly Red Thread Circles, painting, blogging)
I could see at a glance what I accomplished, and what I still wanted to work on. I'm about to start a new Biz-Musé journal, and will include creating these monthly goal pages! 

Red Madonna - Sacred Path
I blocked in my ladies on my Red Madonna canvas this week, and look forward to seeing where they lead! I love the little Phoenix and dragonet! 
The canvas is repurposed, from our Habitat ReStore, and is two 24x30" screwed together! (So 48" wide). It was a simple big sky landscape, and under $10! I'm one of the Hearth Tenders for this online offering, and love the rich teachings from different cultures. 

I did another of lights and darks on Mary Magdalene this week as well. She is emerging.

Happy Paint Party Friday

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dark Skin Tones

This week I was the Hearth Tender for Works in Progress (WIP) over in our Red Thread Cafe Classroom group on Facebook. It's such an honor, and always interesting! One of the inquiries was from a SiStar whose lady was dark skinned, and she felt the white she'd used for highlights made the skin look muddy. 

When I was participated in an online class in 2014, my lady wanted dark skin. Hmm, I was new enough to painting that skin in general  was a challenge! So I sought out online tutorials. I adapted my formulas from Eric T. Thomas. I remembered I had my notes on skin tones in my art journal for the class, and shared them with my friend.

I use Titan Buff, rather than the Titanium White Eric suggested, and tend to mix my colors on the canvas, rather than blending them on the palette. I used the first palette of colors, with Jenkins Green for some of the dark, and added red to the lips.
Spirit Dancer

Mars Black
Titan Buff
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Naples Yellow
Indian Yellow Hue
Cerulean Blue hue
Jenkins Green
Quinacridone Violet
Glaze: Red Iron Oxide, add a bit of Burnt Umber or Van Duke Brown

Foundation/blocking: 3 Naples Yellow, 3 Indian Yellow hue, 1 Burnt Umber, 1 Quinacridone Violet
Dark: Jenkins Green or / Burnt Umber (or blue, can alternate darks)
Medium: 1 Burnt Sienna, 1 Naples Yellow
Light: 3 Naples Yellow, 3 Indian hue, 2 Titan Buff, (2 Burnt Umber) 

Formula 2
Foundation/blocking/ medium: 3 Naples Yellow, 1 Burnt Umber, 
Dark: 2 Burnt Umber, 2 Burnt Sienna
Medium: 3 Naples Yellow, 1 Burnt Umber, touch Sienna
Light: 3 Naples Yellow, 2 Titan Buff, 2 Burnt Umber, 1 Cerulean Blue

Dark 1: Mars Black/ Burnt Umber or Paynes Grey and black
     2: 2 Burnt Umber, 1 Burnt Sienna
     3: 2 Naples Yellow, 1 Burnt Umber
Any mediums and lights for highlights

Dark: Burnt Siena/Naples Yellow
Medium: 1 Burnt Sienna, 1 Naples Yellow, 1 titan Buff

Light: 1 Burnt Sienna, 1 Naples Yellow, 2-5 titan Buff

My friend's inquiry was timely, as my Mary Magdalene has dark skin, and I was just getting
ready to do a round of lights and darks ...
Shiloh suggested using Quinacridone Nickel Azo gold glaze/tint over the face after the lights, to give a golden glow, and I suggested my friend glaze, then go on to another layer of darks and lights. 
The tree in the picture represents one outside the cave in Southern France where Mary is reputed to have dwelt after her years of teaching...
I hope this color guide is helpful!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Love's Call

Three years ago, when I was just beginning my journey with Intentional Creativity, Shiloh offered her beautiful painting series "Love Called My Name" at Easter - free for forty days! I joyfully jumped on board! The Apostolorum Apostola, (apostle to the apostles), Mary was a beloved disciple and one who continued to share a message of love and wisdom over the next thirty years.

I so appreciate Shiloh's generosity, and her sharing of Mary's Message. This year we are offered a more recent set, Voyage of the Magdalene, with Magdalene scholar Kayleen Asbo. This offering is rich with photos from Kayleen studies, and story. 

Yesterday my younger grandkids helped me with the background. Keira used my large sash brush with aplomb, to paint Mary's cave in Southern France, and Z-man sprayed! He loves spray bottles! I help in their art based Playschool classroom several times a month

I intend to download the videos today, as the free access is nearly over (did I mention how I appreciate Shiloh's generosity?!)
Spray bottle! 

Last weekend, Sepha and I had a booth at the Mystical Magical May Faire in nearby Corvallis. It was fun to connect with other venders and new beloveds. I brought several of my paintings, plus flower essences and tuning forks. 
Mary, the Migdala

Today I'm finishing the pdf for my project that's one of the "bonus" offerings in my friend Heidi's year long art journaling class, Come to The Fire! I'll share some pics here after its released.

Happy Paint Party Friday!
Magical May Faire

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Painting panel

I love painting on wood! 
When I was in my Color of Woman teacher training a couple of years ago, I found our "Art Doc" Leslie's tutorial on buying and mounting a hardwood panel super helpful.
I painted both my Taliswoman, "Songs of Light," and my Alchemist, "Firekeeper," on wood panels my dear son-in love helped me mount. I bought and had the panels cut at Lowe's, then took it to Matt, who has the tools, workspace, and is handy. (And loves my art!)

Hummingbird from Songs of Light
I got a little sanding block depth fine sandpaper, sanded the wood, and watched a tutorial that recommended applying a couple of coats of GAC-100 (polymer, the binder for acrylic paint) before the gesso. 
The suggested drying time for the polymer is 3 hours, the gesso drys much more quickly. I sanded between the dry layers, then wiped the dust off with a soft rag. 
I was blessed to provide online support for last weekend's Legend class, "She's a Piece of Work," with Shiloh and CoW graduate Jassy Watson, and decided to paint on wood again. I didn't have time to assemble a board this time, so purchased an "American Easel" birch painting panel. These are lighter weight, and easier to hang! 
I followed the same process of applying two layers of GAC-100 (the first Thursday night), then three of gesso. I diluted the first layer gesso a bit (no more than 25% water!) dipping my brush in water, then the gesso. I sanded each coast of gesso lightly, before applying the next, and wiped off the surface each time. I paint in my dining nook, and propped the panel on my kitchen sink and chair back for the preparation!
By the time we were ready to paint Friday afternoon, the board was ready! This is (much) lighter than the panels we made, so won't be as heavy to mount. I hope to hang Her at the Gallery which hosts my work when She's complete, and I think she may want some "gold" leaf (which goes well on wood!)
Ready to paint!

Happy painting, and happy Paint Party Friday