Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Encaustic Wax

Mmmmm - got a box of 'pretty colours' today - a set of encaustic wax 'crayons'
Last year when I took the beeswax collage class, Diane mentioned encaustics (& had us do a bit of drawing, if we wanted, with regular crayons to get the idea) . . . . so today I stopped by Merri Artist & picked up a box of colours. There are also little pots of wax mixed with medium - but while handy, those are more expensive - & I tend to pick up art supplies (what, you too??) & then not necessarily USE said supplies.

Here's a video with some examples - & take a look at this lovely "Gold Dragon" by Martina Loos I want to do things like this!!
I've watched several of the videos, & it looks like a lot of fun. I have a tiny iron that I used for the beeswax collage, & a little iron that I got when I was making Christmas presents. It doesn't get super hot - so it may be just right for Encaustics - or it may be too cool.

The white 'mountain' peeks are made by painting wax on the iron, then drawing it up - same with the sky & green at the bottom. Martina uses tools to remove wax, & a smaller heated 'clip' to draw with wax . . . hope to have some goodies to show off soon!

New Card, fun socks

I've found myself posting (even creative stuff!) over at the Vale more than here - sorry!!

It took me awhile to get started making soul collage cards, & I still do it sporadically - but it's so fun!!
(In the beginning, I visited several frame shops & had them cut 8x10 card stock in half, so I had a stack of 'blanks' - I left some big, too.)
Last weekend at my grown neice's BD party, there was a participatory art project - a canvas on easel with acrylic paint 'background' - & lots of mags to cut images from, more paints, stamps, etc.

I brought along a little board for me, & a couple of the bigger ones for my granddaughters (who needed to come with us at the last minute) - so they could do their own art, with all those supplies! I did another card myself, (like the idea of painting on it first!! & acrylics dry fast) & they were SO engaged. Kayleen painted a small (~ 4x4") square on a piece of card she found, & on a magazine cover!! They glued some images, but loved all the colours!

Mine has to do with creativity - the crochet lace in a hand, the oriental painting & supplies, the bit of basket & on the other side a lovely rich brocate.

My daughter said I could put grommets & ribbon on the one I made, & sell them at the Sat Market!! (one wouldn't call it soul-collage!!) I thought of finishing them with beeswax, & perhaps getting a few of the encaustic colours sold at our great little art shop, & playing with those. A booth is only $15, & I believe you can sign up sporadically - which is much more my weekend style!

The other projects have been knitting lots of fingerless gloves. I finished a pair for my neice at her party, & while there, I thought of using some of the small 'left overs' for orphan socks, & of a way to incorp the heavier yarn with some fine (& harder to knit with) 'sock' yarn! I've finished the first pair (& a few heel & toeless anklets) & am having fun with that project!

The blue sock is one of the 'anklet's - which my dau suggested using for ballet!!
Here's a close-up of the heel on the blue, purple & red 0ne - I bound off the heel & foot, then picked up stitches around the openings, using a long crochet hook (that way I can replace the toe or heel in the future, if need be). The heavier yarn is wool with a bit of silk, the panda silk: bamboo, wool & silk. They are quite comfy in either style! I used a pair of my mom's bamboo needles - they are a bit long for socks; I intend to pick up some of the shorter ones on my next trip to the knitting basket! (there's my 'anklet' yarn in the 'triangle' box on the Rt!)
Since it's just around the corner from my office, I'm 'tempted' to go in often . . . .