Monday, June 8, 2020


Since my own journey through Color of Woman teacher training, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with several SiStars in our community! 

The very first collaboration was at the beginning of my CoW journey, June, 2015! Graduate Lora Pirtle invited me to join the PNW MeetUp group, and post my offerings there. When I asked about auditing her upcoming 'Mystical Mermaids' class, she replied, "no, teach it with me!"
Here are the class photos - I played harp during the visioning, and she'd prompt me to show them what's next throughout the afternoon. (Yikes!!)
Serena of the 7 Seas
The next collaboration was as I was gearing up to teach my 13 step class, Dancing with the Muse. My friend Sepha, who'd been teaching Paint Nite for several years, gave me tips for teaching in a carpeted room without running water (the chapel at my church!) and then attended! 
She asked great "beginner" questions that helped keep me on track, and helped with set up!! (The link has some of her excellent tips!) That fall, Sepha enrolled in CoW '16, and we co-facilitated many monthly circles and periodic classes over the next several years. 
Sepha, Nadya & Shiloh Sophia - 2016
With this Spring's turn toward offering circles and class virtually, I decided to invite SiStars to co-facilitate my monthly Red Thread circles, and added a second circle each month. It's exciting to team with gals who live over an hour away, and can't easily attend our in-person circles, and to benefit from their different passions and soul work.

In May Linda Allen, who is a graduate of both Red Thread Guide and Color of Woman courses, and is finishing Catt Geller's Cosmic Smashbook course, offered "What's in your Basket?" (during this time). Linda has a strong background in crafts, and we've both woven baskets, so she she suggested a 3-D approach! 
Morning's basket, leather, twine
In April, I teamed with EFT (tapping) practitioner and CoW graduate Sherry Rueger Banaka, with a Metacognative process in resilience and short tapping sequence. Gals from her tapping community joined us from England and British Columbia! Our second June circle will be with Tina Green, who recently moved to Washington State.

One of the benefits of collaboration is that wider reach, connecting with beloveds from afar and from different circles, all connected by the Red Thread. Yesterday, our attendees included 2 other IC graduates, and two students - one in CoW 2020, one in RT Guide! Each is interested in co-facilitating a circle.

Whatever the field, collaborations invite us to think outside the box:
  • Who has wisdom and skills that complement yours?
  • Might beathwork or movement be a good addition? 
  • Can someone help with set up in exchange for attendance?
  • Does a friend know a craft or skill you'ld like to learn? 
  • And who is responsible for what? (Spreading the word, registration, teachings...)
My circles are currently complimentary, but when charging for events, it's important to be clear about the logistics of how expenses and income from an event will be split.

One of the silver Linings during this time of social distancing is the opportunity for unexpected collaborations!!