Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dances with Digital

Here are a couple of Polyvore creations - Beauty & Night Gate
Also some earlier ones - Door to Knowledge
& Sanctuary of Dreams Link
Creative in the garden today as well - deadheading, clearing, giving the yard a trim :)

Creative - take two!

I just finished my month long journey with Soul Coaching - what a delightful 'Merry Band' I met along the way!

My intentions on Creativity took a backseat to this exploration of soul, now I'm ready to begin again :) I've made some progress with space clearing, filing papers, sorting clothes, sorting books, re thinking my living space.

My daughter (who lives next door) is getting married at the end of Jan, & found a house across town they've made an offer on! So rethinking my yard as well. We had cut a gateway in the chain link fence, & they cut the large shrubs on their side, so I'm looking at options for my side. & with my 'grandparent duties' shifting, more time for gardening - or whatever!

The corner in the photo has the matt board for SoulCollage cards on a lower shelf, the collage print on the wall is from a nun who uses torn tissue paper to create images; the crocheted curtain to the Rt hides my electrical box :)

So, here's to more creativity in December!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Coming home from work today, listening to a talk given the City Club; the speaker said "We need to know who we are, so no one can tell us who we aren't!"

May we all be that to each other! I'm going to go play with the mags a bit, & see if any images jump off the page!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Door to Knowledge

Here's the latest polyvore creation - these are too fun! I don't have a photoshop type program, so it's intriguing to work with this site!
(I tried to post a photo, but couldn't figure out how, . . . so here's the link)

I took the SoulCollage card I made Tue, & one that's in progress to 'Sister circle' tonight, & it was fun to see the reactions. Several of the gals are counselors or psychologists, so they 'got' it right away; others are more pragmatic, & seemed intrigued but less familiar with such.

We're working our way thru "New Earth," & I realize I am so much more kinisthetic & process oriented - find it easier going (the reading) than I expected, but I want to DO more!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1st Soul Collage Card

"Hope of the Future"

With Seena Frost's 'SoulCollage' finally in hand, I pulled out the files of images I'd been gathering & created my first 'on paper' Soul Collage card! I had done some on Polyvore (there's an easy way to, ahem, 'use up' a couple of hours!) but only larger collage on paper! I'd stopped by the art store 'one more time' & picked up a sweet little pair of Danish embroidery scissors, that the shop assistant (who does decopage) hadn't noticed :) & a UHU glue stick, recommended by SoulCollage facilitator Suzie Wolfer.
The wings are from a scrap of tissue paper, & there is a small Buddha head on the mama's arm.

I AM the one who rises above expectation
I AM the one who carries dreams on my back & hope in my heart
I soar beyond the hills & canyons, into the sunset of the soul
I am the one who reaches into the field of dreams
I am the one with wings.

May she wing into my dreams!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Here there be Dragons

Two or three Mondays each month I help at my youngest granddaughter's play school, & watch them dress up, create art, get messy, eat snacks, & clean up! This morning I took a turn with the pastels & art paper -

The heart circle is a coffee filter - last month they dropped ink in three 'fall leaf' colours onto the filters, then whished them around in the ink on the table, & some the resulting papers went into the stack to choose from. The quote
is on the wall above the paints - 'What children need most are pictures on the walls of their minds & experiences to attach words to.' Bev Bos

Here there be dragons - I was born in a Tiger year, but had a powerful shamanic awakening in a Dragon year. The Tslagi (cherokee) bespeak the dragons of the Smokey Mountains; I have a tatoo with 5 'dancing fairie dragons' spiraling on my uppper arm, Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Sacred Sound (Metal in the Chinese trad)

Anne McCaffery's Pern series has long been a favorite, I love just about any dragon story, especially th
ose with

empowered princesses; & when I paint faces, cloudy dragons often show up . . .

This is the 'Creation Station' whence comes the blog name! Doesn't it make you want to get out the paints & MAKE SOMETHING?!


Feeling Lucky?
Here's a link to a sweet site, & a great giveaway!! Check out the fun quilt patterns, & roll the dice :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quan Yin & Athena

Years ago in a workshop, another participant 'read' that I have a connection to Quan Yin - who was that?
I was more familiar with the Roman & Greek dieties, with the North West Native American Myths! Over the years, she has come to me in many ways.

Goddess of Compassion, Mercy, & Healing, she holds a crystal vase to pour this compassion out unto the world. Taking Buddhist Reiki (& Refuge) 12 years ago, the lama commented that one needed power with mercy - either by itself was too onesided. Quan Yin is one with both.

A friend who leads dances of Universal Peace taught a beautiful dance honoring the Korean 'Kannseonbotsi' & talked of the bodisattva vow, one who has attained enlightenment, but chooses to remain in the world, to assist others on their path of awakening. Participants are invited to invision Kannon cradling someone you love, then the community, & finally, the whole of humanity.

I paired her with a bright eyed Peruvian owl, representing Athena, the Greek goddess of Wisdom, who brings order, justice; inspiration & blessings to artisans. Another name for her is Athena Glaukopis - see Thalia Took's wonderful information on her, & her decks of Goddess & other cards! & enjoy these little ladies.

Star Lady

About 8 years ago, faced with a long narrow piece of wall where an old chimney ran, I decided to make this sweet 'star lady' to grace my healing space!

Vesta, Lo'oet, Mother Mary, healing Buddha, . . . her cloak is of stars, beads & a small star button adorn her . . . . at her feet runs a stream bordered by rocks with petroglyphs. She now hangs on the wall behind my big harp, Rowan, & blesses our songs.

Today was our monthly (third Sat) Downtown Art & Wine walk, & I played Rowan for several hours at the bookstore. & had an inquiry about further gigs - so will see what that brings!

This is one of the rocks, with a little goat - leaping into the future!