Juju Journal Jam

All my life - well, from around 12 on, I've keep journals! 
Medicine Basket

Words, Words, many words. 
And art journals - blank books and page margins. At church or a concert, I'd hope for wide margins and perhaps a blank space where I could draw! (I love that our sanctuary has a kids' area with a rug and cubbys, plus project bags, so Sundays they stay in the sanctuary, they they have lots of space to quietly play, color and draw!) 

Several years ago as I began my Color of Woman teacher training, we were invited to create simple art journals using inexpensive composition books!! (Thanks, Catt!!) 
I already had several of these in various states of use lying around, and quickly saw the value of this accessible art journal format for both myself and my students! My grandkids often use a bit of one for a school project, then abandon it, so I've re-purposed quite a few!!

I also had several black art journals and spiral bound mixed media books for different online classes. I quickly began painting and collaging their covers, to tell at a glance which class/es each belonged with, and covered many composition books over the course of the Color of Woman training.

How many of us decorated paper bags as book covers in Junior High? Or scribbled all over our folders? It was a fun way to claim these cookie-cutter items, and mark them as uniquely ours! It is also a way to sidestep the critical voice, as it's not "serious art," and we may find it less necessary to be "perfect!" With the composition books, we often scrunch up or "smash" pages, and gild the edges with metallic paint. (I love inexpensive Amsterdam Paint for this!)

Journals and calendar page
Every time someone sees one of these fun takes on an art journal, they are drawn in, and want to make one of their own! Sometimes gals bring a old book to alter or a "real" art journal to cover, others use a composition book! My beloveds bring tips and techniques of their own and from other craft classes.

My invitation for both my Red Thread Circles and my Painting Playshops includes, "bring your art journal!" ... 

Often at that first class or circle, I'll be told "I don't really have an art journal, is that ok?  
While of course it's ok, (you can't get this wrong!) it's satisfying to have one (+) dedicated to the process! I periodically offer circles and classes in creating your own Juju Journal, and ideas for using the pages for process, and post these in my MeetUp group.
The Juju Journal* offers a sweet way to connect with our intuition, as we follow inquiries and prompts. It's a wonderful way to transmits old stories, and move into a "good juju" space.
  • Include a pocket for "Oracle Cards" to pull out as a mini reading (collage or watercolor, cut out using a circular template)
  • One friend created a Soul Collage® journal, where she does her collage on the page, then writes her "I Am the one who," interpretation for each card.
  • Paint or collage the cover of an art journal you already have on hand.  
  • Create calendar pages with projects for that month in diffent colored bubble
  • Glue some pages together for added strength, and use gesso or watercolor ground to prepare the surface for paint and colored pens. You can also use glazing medium or clear gesso over images.
  • Scrunch the pages if it's a composition or altered book, and gild the page edges using metallic paint. 
  • Reinforce the center of a composition book with pretty ribbons, and include more (3-5 total) for bookmarks.
  • Thread and wrap ribbon through the spiral of art journals, and add a few for bookmarks
  • Use a stretchy headband around your journal to hold it shut 
  • Make pockets! And more pockets!!
  • Keep a piece or two of parchment paper in your journal, to use as spacers for wet pages
  • Collage on pages, following a prompt or letting images you're attracted to guide you. Write about several of the images
  • Write and draw notes from calls and classes
  • Do some projects on watercolor paper and glue in later.
  Here are some resources to get you started in creating your own Juju Journal
Happy Juju Journal time!! 

* Juju means energy, the experience of positive and negative forces all around us that charge our lives, and shape each unique day in this planet. Good juju company


Sue (this n that) said...

Hi there Nadya, your art journals are so creative, I think the covers are delightful. I can imagine how much fun it must be. The idea of re-purposing composition books etc is a good one. Loved your post. Happy PPF :D) xx

leekrek said...

thanks for sharing your great ideas, and wonderful books

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Absolutely fabulous, I love what you have created... There are so many wonderful used prompts. Super way of creating.
Thank you for sharing and Happy PPF Tracey

DVArtist said...

These are truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing Nadya.