Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Days

Sunny out, & delightfully temperate weather! I did some much needed yard yoga this weekend, & dedicate this as a 'sparkle week.' inspired by Erraid, a branch of Findhorn!! I've added a couple of blog rolls - one of folks engaged in SoulCollage (see not that these cards are not to be sold, traded, or bartered and are to be reproduced only for the personal use of the maker of the card.) & one of other Artists whose blogs I've stumbled across! If you know (or have) a SoulCollage blog - let me know!

I hope to post new cards soon! But for now - off to FlyLady for a few suggestions on the Sparkling! Have a lovely day :)


Lisa said...

Love your blog. Oooh, Flylady helped me so much!

gma said...

Hi Dia,
Fly Lady made me crazy.
However I do still do zone cleaning on my own schedule.

Nadya said...

tee hee - I love checking in with Fly Lady - was warned NOT to sign up for the daily stuff!! So I just check every so often for some encouraging words, what zone the group is addressing, etc!

Jul said...

I love the idea of 'sparkle week', even though I'm not sure what that even means. It just sounds good!

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! It reminds me that I still need to come up with a real name for my art blog, and that I need to update my blog roll there...