Saturday, April 30, 2016

Prismatic Mägic

It was such a treat to head into Portland yesterday with Sepha, for a wonderful Artist date with Shiloh!! Maestra and Jonathan are leading a workshop on Quantum Physics and Intentional Creativity called PRISM, and their Portland event was filled within 24 hours! Several of my classmates and other alumni were also there for our informal time in the hotel lounge.

Sepha, Nadya and Shiloh 
The photos of the paintings in process are stunning, and the participants shining. I will participate in the May class via livestream, and can feel the vibe amping up! There's still room in the Healdsburg offering, so if you live in the Bay Area, check it out!! 

With the three from Sepha's class, there are now 10 of us offering Intentional Creativity in Oregon! Three of my classmates, Katherine Whiteman, Olivia Uso and Katy Morse (down from Port Townsend) are in the workshop, and Uma from 2013. My friends and alum Heidi Sequoia Moondancer and Elisabeth Friese-Mick also came just for the evening.

And I met my FB friend Brenda Carolan «in person » for the first time!! It was fun to touch bases! Brenda just completed Artist Flora Aube's facilitator training, and is delighted to be taking PRISM! We "met" online 2 years ago, in Flora's Art of Allowing, and dance parallel paths! 

This post marks the end of this month's Ultimate Blog challenge, I hope you'll stop by again soon!! 
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Red Thread Story Cards

Do you have some Old Stories and Beliefs running your life? Stories that make you "play safe" rather than dream big? Do you engage in negative self-talk? 

Most of us do! With Intentional Creativity,® we have many processes for unlocking the negative beliefs, bringing them conscious, and then writing new stories in living color! The creative process alchemises true shift, and freedom from outdated beliefs.

One of my favorite ways of shifting the stories is Soulful Story Cards, affirmation cards which offer an antidote to the old stories! In the past, I've written affirmations, then processed "what comes up;" ... here we identify the old beliefs first, then seek an antidote, which becomes our affirmation. The next step is the fun part, paint! Markers! Glitter!!
Story Cards and cover

There are many other possibilities with these personal card decks: choosing favorite quotes, or guidelines like the Reiki or Breema principles, cards for ideas and dreams, prompt cards. One of my students in this year's teacher training told me she's created «Well over 100 card decks, ... mainly for insight and process." Wow! 

Red Thread Circles are ways to connect with our community, in respect and in support for transformation. We often include an activity that is simple, and bypasses the "I can't do that!" "I'm not creative, ____ is the creative One!" "I'm too (old, out of shape, uncoordinated)"  one that is non-threatening, colorful and fun (& maybe messy!) 

At our last circle, a friend who teaches kids art said she realized SHE doesn't engage in creativity as much as she'd like! In our May Red Thread Circle, we'll create a cover and several cards, and offer suggestions use. I'm curious to see what beliefs tag along, and the variety of cards that will be created! 

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sacred space for creation

Toward the completion of our Color of Woman Quest last fall my teacher Shiloh issued an invitation:  "I would love for you to finish your painting if you haven’t, and then to clean your studio. Reset your altars. Make new room for the sprouts to come up through the ashes. You need space and time to see what’s coming up and what wants to be shared and prepared for...."

Whatever your creative project, giving time and attention to this reset will often inspire you and give access to new ideas and insights. While cleaning, follow the basics of «keep, redistribute, pass on or throw away.» Wipe surfaces, empty trash, rethink uses of objects. Marie Kondo's inquiry "does it spark joy?" can help you determine what stays, is placed in another area or tossed. I like to set a timer for 15-20 minutes, which is often enough time for a small area. Open a window, sweep, clear the air (a few drops of an essential oil in water in a spray bottle is one option)

When you are ready for your reset, Pinterest is good for inspiration, my Atelier board has
studio ideas.

Here are a couple of Videos - Maria Munar on setting up a studio (starting from scratch!)

Ann Manat: Setting up your studio & supplies (for acrylic painting) 
(Ann also has a series of videos on setting up face book pages & other helpful tips!)

Ah! Sit back with a cup tea, and your journal, what's coming? What is being shared and prepared for?

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Visions & Dreams

This year, sixty women from around the world have embarked on their Red Thread Quests, the Color of Woman teacher training. Over the next six months, they will discover more about themselves and their creativity, and how to encourage others to use creativity for both self expression and healing. As a Reader and trek guide, I am privileged to their stories, discoveries, and beautiful creative projects as they come in. And I love it!

I joined my friend Sepha, who's on this year's Quest, to paint Musés with the Livestream the first weekend in April. It was a fabulous spring day, so we were able to paint outside! With the completed paintings due at the end of this month, the finished ladies are beginning to appear in the online classroom. The second p
art of the assignment is to hand the Musé the pen, and receive a message. 
Last year, my Musé Gypsy Rose said, "Sweet Nadya, We bring wisdom voices from the stars and ancient pathways. You are so loved, so appreciated, so honored! We invite you to atune to your senses and enliven your Spirit. 
Sparkle and shine, share the joy you know deep inside. In attending to your own joy and in doing the little things, a-tend-ing, that you will bring them (your beloveds) home to themselves."

Sepha with her Musé
There are several forums for connecting with the Color of Woman offerings, both online and in person. Some are group sites, others, my SiStar's personal blogs and websites. This week I decided it was time to update my blog links to reflect current interests (and active blogs!) Check them out in the sidebar! 

You'll find links to sites and classes when you click on "contact ___" as you view a teacher's profile on our Intentional Creativity website. Click on the map to find teachers closest to you. Here's the link to my profile

Painting Musé with the online group
The Red Thread Nation site has a calendar with class offerings from many of us, click on the links to discover more information and register! Shiloh's blog has juicy food for thought, and links to her offerings.
Facebook presences include Shiloh Sophia's Artist page, the Red Thread Cafe Classroom, Sepha's and my artist pages. Many of my SiStars have artist pages as well.

Our beloveds can find some of our offerings through out MeetUp groups. Here are links to Heidi's, our NW group page, Cynthia in Australia, and mine

Amber, Denise and Jassy offer online teachings thought the year, and often, introductory glimpses into one. Several of my classmates will launch online courses this fall, so stay tuned! 

Today would be our Art matriarch Sue Hoya Sellars' 80th BïRtHDäÝ! She departed her Earth body in 2014, to dance among the stars. She is loved, she is missed! These teachings were part of her dream... Blessings, beloved!
"Whether I am doing studies of deer in my meadow or painting an angel moving between dimensions,there is always a glimmer of the cosmos showing through their bodies and parts of the landscape. My work has one primary concept: exploring the formation of our bodies from the cooling of gaseous material originating from the beginning of the universe."
~ Sue Hoya Sellars ~

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Reader and Aide

I am so excited to have been chosen to offer online support to this year's Color of Womanclass! This weekend, they'll be painting their Muse, either at Cosmic Cowgirl U or in their home studio, and I'm an aide for the FB forum. Last year, I was babysitting at my daughter's during the Muse weekend, which worked well, as my home Wi-Fi doesn't stream as well as theirs! 

My friend Sepha is in this year's class, and I'm excited to see her muse emerge.
Muse workshop with Elisabeth (2013, Gabriella on left)

My second role is as a class "Reader," assigned to seven of the students, reading their posts and following the progress with their paintings & other assignments. This is a new role in the CoW training, and I feel it will really help each student feel seen and witnessed.
Next Thursday and on the weekend, Sepha and I will host a Red Thread Circle and then a PlayShop, Dancing Through the Rainbow, & Rainbow Women. You'll find info on current classes on my website.

Happy Paint Party Friday