Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year, New Gallery

Happy New Year!  
Last year was a rather strange one for me, I spent more time "percolating," and not as much creating - change is in the air - I already feel a shift, do  you? 

She Changes© Nadya King
For me, one of these shifts is moving to a new gallery, one my friend Holli and her husband will open this spring. McMinnville Center for the Arts, MECA, will be a  place of inspiration and service to the community. I'm excited to be one of the MECA artists.

I've loved being an artist at Ten Oaks Gallery over the last two years, enjoying all the art, and attending events. ...and, Holli has taken several of my Intentional Creativity classes, so it feels perfect to be part of this new venture. I hope to offer some of the community classes there, as well as show my art.

In On Sunday, I picked up my work from Ten Oaks. This week, I have been working on my bio, and choosing 5 pieces to hang at MECA - whew! What a process! It's intriguing to me how that process goes. 

Two of the ladies, Siren Song and Elen Star Path, were in a show "Myths and Legends,"
Siren Song© Nadya King
several years ago, and also part of my show as a Featured Artist at Ten Oaks, September 2016. I love the magic of legendary figures, and bringing them into this world. Siren Song is one of several Mer women who have come to me. 

Order of the Phoenix and She Holds the Heart of the World were painted in harmony with our greater of continuity, during online offerings. I was a Hearth Tender for Black Madonna, which included both painting prompts from Shiloh, and history of the Black Madonna in Europe from Kayleen Asbo. I love the depth Kayleen brings to all of her shares.

The fifth painting, She Changes, began as the demo painting for one of my own classes, and I continued working on her in my Gaia as Portal class last spring near Earth Day. I invited my students to bring a canvas to repurpose if they wanted, and my 20x20 Birch Panel seemed perfect! 

Elen Star Path© Nadya King
Elen Star Path 
(16 x 20", acrylic on canvas)

Guardian of the ancient pathways, the Leys, the kundalini currents of the land. 
The horned lady, Elen leads us aplom the first track ways, the migratory paths of the reindeer in the Northern lands. She leads us home.

Siren Song
(16 x 20", acrylic on canvas)

I call you from the depths, invite you to sing your song.
Listen to the waves
Listen to your heart beat
Which moves the currents of your very being
Listen. Listen.

Order of the Phoenix
(16 x 16", acrylic on canvas
Order of the Phoenix© NK

From the ashes, we rise transformed. 
From the ashes, we are born anew.
Enter the fire, and find rebirth.

She Changes (20 x 20", acrylic on cradled birch) 

She Changes everything she touches, everything she touches changes. Earth Mama invites you to listen for her voice in the wind, to see her patterns in the stars and swirling water, to cherish this sweet planet. Will you answer her?

She Holds the Heart of the World©  NK
She Holds the Heart of the World  
(18 x 24", acrylic on canvas)

She hears the cries of the World
And ponders them in her heart.
She Holds holall dear
Treasures beyond measure
She Holds us in her heart.

Oh! It was hard to decide which ladies to submit! ... I was almost ready to relinquish my "thesis" painting from my Color of Woman quest, Priestess of the Cosmic Portal, but when I looked up her message in my Initiate book, realized she has more to teach me. Such is the power of creating with intention, and juicy Juju Journal making.

I'm looking forward to meeting the other artists this weekend at our Blank Canvas event, and to the Muse nudges I'm feeling! 

Happy Paint Party Friday