Friday, December 26, 2008

Clearing the way

Around this time of year, I often find myself clearing & sprucing up around the house, at times painting, at others, working on clearing & cleansing. The sun in Early Cap. is transiting my 4th house - so a great time for this inspiration of moving energy! I moved

Most of my creativity has been focused on making little blessing stars, for family to hang in their cars, a Victorian Cone (shown above, & inspired by Caroline's post), & other holiday goodies. Now I'm more seriously addressing mountains of paper & other stuff - went through the clothes that had mounded on top of my dryer (in one of those sweet off kitchen alcove closets) & put a bunch into a 'pass on' bag; finally moved the big coffee table into another room for crafting. Etc.

Look for more creative activity SOON - & stop by Vestella's Vale for other updates - including the inspiration of the search for a new broom!

Oh, & Molly over at Herspeak has a wee give away! Check out Monday's post - there's still time!Link


DarklyFey said...

Thanks for your gentle advice, sweet lady! I took a nap, and before I drifted off to sleep, I did a bit of meditation to get back to my center. I'm feeling much better.

Unknown said...

what a great gift! they are so pretty! thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog... i hope you will come back again!