Friday, July 27, 2018

Summer Rambles

Summer is fair time in my part of the world, and the last several years I've been going to the Columbia County fair to watch my middle Grands show their horses and chickens for 4-H, and prepare their art for the open class. They both entered drawings, and Gregory, 12, got a special award (plus art supplies!) for one of his paintings! We stay in my son's camper, and I was glad it wasn't too hot this year.

I grew up going to the Deschutes County fair, which was only a few blocks from my first home. Mid June, I was home in Redmond, camping at the fairgrounds (now near the airport) with my classmate Nancy for our 50th HS reunion. (!!) Growing up, I was in 4-H sewing, and also entered art in open class. I remember the anticipation, wondering how my work would place! 

With these adventures, my canvases have been rather neglected, ...Gregory and I enjoy
Stella Polaris sketches
sketching between events, and my watercolour watercolor crayons are great for this. I played with faces for Stella Polaris, lady of the north, an online class with my friend and color of Woman classmate, Grace Steenberg

Grace lives in Denmark, and several years ago travelled to visit a sculpture carved by our intentional creativity "grandmother,"' Lenore Thomas Strauss which is on a remote island. You can view the photos here.

Stella Polaris, light of air
I have danced with the elements on my Stella Polaris canvas, the last being air. 
Today is full moon in airy Aquarius, and another eclipse. My Red Madonna canvas is calling for attention as well , ....what's on your easel or worktable?  HåPpÝ Paint Party Friday!!