Sunday, November 20, 2016

Artists for Love

On Friday, I was the Heath Tender for Shiloh and Flora's Power Creatives TV EXPLORE, which was a wonderful offering! Women from around the world joined virtually for café, and then an afternoon of painting! With so many telling in the aftermath of the recent U.S.election, it was a much needed respite. 
Sepha and I set up in her dining room Atelier, and used 16x16" canvases, so we'd both fit at her dining room table!
Paint station

I was so please this morning to see this Journal 52 prompt and tutorial on a spread for standing with community and diversity! 

Art heals! 

Phoenix Rises

Friday, November 18, 2016

Explore with Shiloh Sophia and Flora Aube

Over the last 20+ years, Shiloh Sophia has been exploring intention, creativity, community and the divine feminine. Last summer, she added Power Creatives TV to her generous offerings. 

In 2014, shortly after being introduced to Shiloh's teachings through that life changing class with Elisabeth Friese-Mick, I found an online offering by one of the Color of Woman Graduates, Flora Aube - the Art of Allowing. You can read about my first painting with Flora Here & Here; & my second, firey Sekmet.

Over the next year, Flora continued to explore, develop, and to found her own school. Today, Shiloh and Flora will join forces, with a morning Cafe (free!) beginning at 10. In the afternoon, they will paint together (paid portion - scolorships available!) - what will emerge?? You can sign up for either or both on the Power Creatives TV site!!

Happy PPF 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 Graduation

I'm so proud of the 47 women from around the world who will graduate this weekend from the 2016 Color of Woman Teacher training, either in person, or virtually! I took the trek to California for graduation last year, and it was magical ! 
Sepha and I will join via computer, with classes Saturday, and the graduation ceremony taking place Sunday. And I'm proud of each of the 13 women who began the quest last spring, and have decided for whatever reason to take another path, they are all Sheroes!
With Carmen Baraka, 2015

Each of the graduates brings her own insights and creative voice to the teachings, and will share this method of creating with intention in her own community, and with the larger tribe. Some will teach in person, others virtually. Some work with horses for healing, some with youth, others with elders, with families, the variety is unlimited. 

80 women have already submitted applications for next year's training, and a number have been admitted, with others awaiting their phone interview with Shiloh, to see if this year's quest is a "match." (Registration may reopen early next year, if space is ) 

We are holding the Red Thread for each of them, as they hold it for us. 

We are blessed!
Sepha, Nadya and Shiloh 4/16
On the weekend, my daughter and I painted faces for a lovely school district Dios de los Muertos party that was a fundraiser for a safe grad night party at the end of the year! Two of her daughters danced "Thriller," and there were several cultural dance groups. The Azteca group was wonderful.
Painting my middle granddaughter's face

I did a little painting for the silent auction. Her blessing is protection and awareness of the issues surrounding the Water protectors at Standing Rock. One of my daughter's co-workers was the happy recipient.

Our Lady of the Shining Light


Sharing with Paint Party Friday 💞