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As a visionary artist, healer and creativity guide, it is my pleasure to assist others in living more joyful lives through encouragement, empowerment, & affirmation. Tools in my Medicine Basket include Intentional Creativity® movement, sound healing and bodywork.

I am a certified Intentional Creativity® teacher coach and Mentor, offering Red Thread Circles, creative Playshops and individual sessions, which spark access to your OWN images and stories, giving you tools for healing and transformation. Re-alignment with your values and Soul Purpose often follow. I find painting and creating with intention to be empowering, uplifting and life changing. 

My ideal clients are those who are tired of running the old tapes, done with putting their own needs and wishes last, and are ready to shift gears, and live more healthy, positive lives. You may have set aside your art (especially if you had formal art School training!) 
I utilize an expressive or process arts approach, using journaling, color and sound healing, vision books, affirmation cards and creating art inspired by one's own inner guidance (no artistic experience necessary! Really) I host a biweekly Red Thread Women's circe where we explore different topics 20th a simple guided art process. 

A Harper and Reiki Master for nearly 30 years, and bodyworker for 37, I also offer workshops in Reiki, quantum healing and Qigong movement, which balance your energy and enhance general health. Flower Essence bouquets and Red Thread Creative sessions. Intentional creativity coaching sessions can be focused on personal or professional goals to support your own values and passions.

I studied music and education at Western Oregon University (then OCE), massage with Jeanne Christensen, Reiki with Analyese Chamberlain, Etheric healing with Eric Vormanns, Qigong with JoAnn Albrecht, and Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia.
Nadya King, Visionary Artist
Nadya brings a joyful presence to events and gatherings with therapeutic art, music and movement. She gently encourages and nurtures others, and invites them to experience the childlike joy of creativity. She enjoys adventures with friends & her 7 creative and talented grandkids. 
You may glimpse Nadya sipping tea with the Midnight Musé, covered in faïry dust as she wanders through her overgrown garden, floating through the farmers market, or out dancing in her Magical Slippers! 

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Slideshow: Color of Woman 2015

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Nadya said...

I was recently invited to introduce myself on a group FB page, this is what I wrote:
I'm one of those folks who *always* drew and played with color, also engaged in music from a early age, and come from herbalists, teachers, healers and spiritual ancestors.
I teach classes in intentional Creativity, bringing mide and heart to your creative process, inviting the *critic* to step aside for awhile! I offer a monthly Red Thread Circle, and would like to step into more online work, and coaching.

I have paintings in a local gallery, The Gallery at Ten Oaks. My art can be classed as "contemporary symbolism," with symbols drawn from my own story and transformations.

As a bodywork for over 30 years, I've often invited my clients to rephrase negative affirmations (I know I'm not getting any younger, and can just expect to feel aches and pains! ...I'll never... I don't, ....) Reframing these old stories with creativity, in color and symbol, and journaling about the process, are powerful tools for sparking real change.
I also play folk harp for local weddings and events.