Friday, March 22, 2019

Wonder Woman

My friend Dr Jess is offering a wonderful online adventure which begins today, an encounter and painting adventure with our own internal Wonder Woman

Jess lives and teaches in Sweden, so this is a rare opportunity to tap her unique perspective and guidance! I'm excited to be with others from around the world on this journey, ... Discovering more of my own super powers. HereHe her video invitation
Celebrating super powers!

My daughter and son-in law love and are inspired by the stories of super hero's, and my daughter created a Wonder Woman costume  (for herself!) one Halloween. 

What are some of your super powers? 

Happy Paint Party Friday! 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Still Room Revisited

In a week, the new gallery MECA will be opening, and all of us are excited to see our art on the shelves and walls! During my last visit, Holli asked if I had any pieces in addition to the "ladies" I might want to show? 
I mentioned my Apothecary painting... "send me a photo!" So I did, and she wants it! 

Paintings have their own processes and time frames, don't they? The Apothecary process focuses on distilling tragedies, turning them into potions and remedies. It is a wonderful, rich, and sometimes intense process! You can share parts of my journey here, here and the request for some new items here

Some of the requested items were shelves, more Nick Nacks an Alembic Still, and some "real" additions. Shiloh invited us to stitch some red thread or ribbon into the canvas, and I haven't yet...

Last spring, I added some shelves, carving (gel), and sketched in the still, .... and then went on to other projects, while the potions bubbled away ...

Now  a still requires heat, and there is a Red dragon in the area, so she kindly volunteered to keep the pot bubbling when necessary! I've sketched her in, also a water dragon peeking into the vessel on the far right (I realized only the threethe dragons were showing!)

At this point when revisiting a canvas, I often do a glaze, (full or partial, napping transparent colours) to get back in touch with my process, and pull out my journal for some current inquiries ...

Sketching in Red Dragon and Alembic Still

I've begun painting and adding more details to the still and Red dragon 

What's your creative process today?

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Alembic Still and red dragon