Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tea With the Musé

I'm excited to host a series of Musé Day offerings in conjunction with other Intentional Creativity Foundation Guild members around the globe, beginning this Sunday afternoon, Feb 19, with our Musé Day Tea Party! Other gatherings are happening in S Africa, Australia, Denmark, France, Sweden, El Salvador, and around the USA. Shiloh will offer several Musé Day classes and livestreams from Muséa Sophia, in Sonoma California. Musé Day events coincide with the recent release of Shiloh's book of poetry and inquiry, Tea With The Midnight Musé.

Did you know that paint brushes are Magïc Wands, and with them Musés light fuses? 
Magic wand paintbrush
Musé inspired creativity gets energy moving. Poetry and tea help it keep flowing. The Red Thread remind us we're community, and Chocolate soothes the tattered heart! 

Setting Intention is key to the process, and gives Access to your creative fire. What if we could acknowledge, then learn to override the voice of the critic; the inner vice that replays old criticisms: "not good enough," "not talented," "too (old, out of shape, boring...)? 
Shall we activate the voice of our Inner Wisdom, which adores us and is constantly encouraging, giving cour, heart, to all that we are, all that we do? That's the voice of the Musé (here are some of my early Musings on the Musé)

Star Song
In a recent Power Creatives TV episode, Shiloh Sophia and her guest SARK explored our how we access or block inspiration, tagging our Inner Wisdom, and how activating creativity in turn leads to living juicy.

SARK offered these inquiries:

  • Who or what inspires you?
  • What/who blocks inspiration?
  • What/who supports your inspiration?
  • In what ways am I inspiring to myself?

I invite you to spending some time journaling on each of these, and heartstorming on increasing opportunities for inspiration. (Inspire: take a breath!) SARK suggested one way to deepen our relationship with our own Inner Wisdom comes by writing daily love notes from Her.  

Over the years, I've received many of these "love notes," and uplifting guidance in the form of a dialogue. When I embarked on my Color of Woman Quest, I received, "dear one! You are blessed beyond measure! It is up to you too SHARE those blessings - the time you spend in circle Jones/prepares you and those with whom you journey for the Next Steps.... open your eyes, ears, and heart, dance through the doorway, you are invited!"

I extend the invitation to you! If you're in the Willamette Valley, join us this Sunday

Other ways to connect with the community: 

  • Check the Musé Days page for info on MD events around the globe and/or access to the livestream. 
  • Red Thread Cafe Classroom on FB where thousands of women from around the globe post Intentional artwork (I find my artist groups very inspiring)
  • Visit the Power Creatives TV page, where you can register for access to the 13 episodes in season one, FIERCE. (Shiloh's interview with SARK is the most recent).
  • SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) and on FB 
  • Join our PNW MeetUp group for updates on circles and playshops. 
  • I also post events on my FB artist page and on my website.
I honor all your creative goodness! 
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