Monday, August 24, 2020

Crystalline Heart - Wonder Woman

This week Shiloh Sophia invited 40 of us in the Intentional Creativity® Community to share our art with the group during the Feminine Frequency Festival

I am sharing Crystalline Heart, my Wonder Woman, in the MUSEA : Intentional Creativity show. Painted during the online workshop with Jessica Enovald, her message is:

“We are all whole and holy. Each of us carries gifts to bless and uplift each other. Your Heart holds the spark that ignites others – weaving an infinite web of love and connection that stretches through time and space! 

"Your magic harp sends ripples along the web, reminding all who resonate with their own connection. You hold the chalice of renewal, and are allied with the Phoenix of Translation. Your inner vision and compassionate heart lead you ever home. Oh Sada – it is good!"

Earlier posts about this class are here and here. We used Wonder woman and her allies as Red Thread Circle and Class themes last summer and fall, with delightful, powerful muses emerging! Inquiries include
  • Who are your allies and companions 
  • What super powers are you developing?
  • What symbols activate these talents?
  • What's your theme song? 
Margot, Denise and Carol - fall 2019

I love using round canvases - and enjoyed beginning by using an extra piece of Red Thread for mark making. 
This is a powerful theme, and one of my favorite paintings! Wonder Woman is the class for summer in my Medicine Wheel series.

Blessings on your journey of connection with your own sense of wonder and empowerment! 

Friday, August 14, 2020

Red Thread Circle Time

  • What comes to mind when you hear the words Thinking Cap? 

We did this one during a Guild members call last year, and this week for our virtual Red Thread Circle

  • What image comes with the phrase "put on my thinking cap?"
  • How do you access information and your intuition - do you have different access channels?
  • Are there different caps for different purposes?
  • What feels unique? What similar to others?

I love our smaller circles - 15 women joined from nearby Albany Oregon, to Florence, Italy! It is always a treat to see how our muses interact, and we inspire each other. We began with a couple of readings from my co-host Linda Allen and then a bit of Metacognative drawing - pen or market on the paper, and all undirected doodle, thinking of the phrase, "___ my thinking cap" (activating, accessing, what's ...) we drew for about a minute, then wrote about what we accessed. 

We went on to sketch/ paint an image of our Thinking Cap for 5-10 minutes - and what a delightful variety of images emerged, and then shared during our Red Thread Circle. Cindy recalled doodling light bulbs in her college notebooks when she had "ah-ha!"' moments!

One lady showed up at the base of a tree, with messages in the roots and leaves - which led to a wonderful discussion of how tree communities support each other, sharing nutrients and connection via the mycorrhizal fungi... 

It is such a joy to share time and creative process with this community, 4 of the gals are in this year's Color of Woman teacher training - 

CoW intern Carol Fairbanks led one of our circles last month -Creating Home with Your Heart as one of her IC events - and last weekend Christy Cozby led her own version - I did the first in my Juju Journal

And the one with Christy on canvas - the prompts led to recalling the cute 50s home my dad painted pink, with dark red trim and a white roof (to reflect the Central Oregon sun) ... And the Blue Door of my piano teacher's little back room Bible Bookstore. 

Carol is offering her second IC session this Sunday  in a longer session- Tea Time With the Muse - you're invited to join us! 

Happy Paint Party Friday! - enjoy the artsy blog roll!