Friday, December 2, 2016


December is here, with rain and grey skies in the Pacific Northwest. 

I'm again blessed with Tending Hearth for Maestra Shiloh Sophia's Power Creatives TV series, EMBRACE. Today's guest is Any Ahlers, of Mama Truth Circle.
In Shiloh's words, "power Creatives are edge dancers. Pattern makers and breakers. Mystics and Musés. Poets and Entrepreneurs. .... Gathering of great minds and hearts can shape the future." 
Support station

Each session begins with an hour "morning café," tea and contemplation, at no charge. The optional afternoon session is paid programming (scholarships available) with a project, and support in our online classroom. 
That online support is where I come in, checking in frequently, fielding questions, and stopping by the Red Thread Classroom over the next several days for continued encouragement. 

December also marks the official beginning of the Intentional Creativity Guild. I am delighted to be a Guild Member, and look forward to this new phase of our community. I dance with Color of Woman teachers around the world as journeywomen, sharing life enhancing creativity with those ready to Embrace transformation!

Happy PPF