Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today's my son's 35th Birthday!! (gasp - how on earth did that happen?)

I took the day off 'in case' he came to town or we went somewhere to celebrate - he still works on his BD (aren't Birthdays National Holidays? I loved having my Birthday as a PAID holiday at Breitenbush!)
Anyway - it's sunny, I'm in shorts (inside, lol) & I have a whole day ahead of me to do some serious shaking & moving! & maybe make a card in honor of my Number One (& only) Son!

Cheers :)

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L'Adelaide said...

hi dia,
thank you for the tip about my ribs...oy, they are a pain and after 10 weeks, I am ready to go out of my mind...going to get me some of that facial clay as soon as I can...I am wondering how to warm it but I guess a microwave?..please feel free to email me if you have any further tips..they would be most appreciated.....

it is also linked to my profile if you click "linda" ..

blessings to your day...