Friday, June 30, 2017

Creativity for well-being

This week I accompanied my friend Glenda as she spoke about her book and the forgiveness process. It was a lovely event, and sweet evening. Glenda and her sister Sherry recently competed an eft training, and as it says in
her bio, "having dedicated her life to her personal healing journey, Glenda most envoys writing to inspire others as they wood their way through their own path to wholeness." 

That is the heart of healing in a nutshell, a personal journey to wholeness!

Glenda's sis Sherry has been seeking another tool to round our her basket of offerings, and was excited when we talked about the Color of Woman quest! Early enrollment for 2018 opens in July (the coursework starts next March) and I shared that info, so she can see if it's a fit! 
She's an artist, who quit art school years ago, and is finding her way back. Like others, she recognized how many people suffer wounds around creativity, and that she can play a role in helping them heal! Shiloh writes, "The energy of Color of Woman quest begins almost immediately with your interest in the work ... I hope our threads of change weave beautifully together."

I have known about the H.O.M.E. centre where Glenda spoke for years, and was delighted to finally visit! It's a lovely, welcoming community and a serene space, and I look forward to returning.

I have also been thinking about the path to wholeness. As a creativity teacher and coach, a Harper, a bodywork, movement teacher....well being is my business! And I agree that all healing/ wholing is a personal journey, teachers and practitioners merely serve as catalysts. Maestra Shiloh is in the process of gathering input in a survey on creativity and well being, through the IC foundation. Stay tuned for the results! 
Here are thoughts on creativity shared by sisters in our IC community. Ooo, I'm just a few "likes" shy of 500 on my Facebook artist page!! Stop by and say "hi!!"

Vision Plan Book
Like Glenda and Sherry, I have gathered tools and techniques in my Medicine Basket which align with the needs of my own beloveds. 30 years ago, a friend who's a chiropractor shared his daily prayer with me, "May those who will benefit from my offerings be drawn to me, and may others find their perfect healer!" That is my prayer as well! 

Happy Paint Party Friday

Friday, June 23, 2017

Midsummer Musings

Happy solstice and new moon blessings! I was reflecting that 20 years ago, I was in Alaska on Summer Solstice, working in a fishing Camp on the Nushagak River!! I took this photo, looking across the river at 10:30 PM! 

What a lovely summer, (despite washing thousands of dishes!!) Slept in a tent, drew lots of earth energy, saw eagle, cariboo, moose, and are lots of fresh salmon! It's one of the few scrapbooks I actually competed, and I'm glad I have memories of the summer in this format!

One of my intentional Creativity SiStars, Amber, is offering her semi-annual Woman Unleashed event, and Shiloh had us paint our Succulent Woman ... I worked in my Smashbook! 

Dakini of the Divine Dance

Another IC friend, Sajar J, brought the blessings of Cancer, inviting us to draw/paint a crab, with the constellation superimposed; and get in touch with her messages.

One I received was the claws, which both grasp something new, and release what's no longer needed! What in your life is ready to be released? Another, mentioned by several, is the crab walk, a sideways approach is sometimes more effective! This weekend I'm offering a Smashbook class, and it will be fun to show these page examples.

This Moon's Sacred Path teaching is on Divine Connection, and we put on music and added pattern to the garments of our ladies. Shiloh connected she does this often, just steps into the Divine flow with pattern

I loved the flow of this step! Next - lights and darks on the faces, which are so rich right now, ....

Blessings of the Sumner, and happy Paint Party Friday!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

How did you find me?

I visited my friend Patty
   Mrs Blue
Still at her cosmic address
   But wandering the halls of her mind
"How did you find me?"
   Bright eyed, curious, trying to place me
     and herself, ...
Her daughter Teri... "Ah, my daughter!
   She's a good person, so busy!"
Yes, good people, her kin, her family
   her children and grandchildren
The question cycled through, 
   "How did you find me?" 
   (Am I lost? Found? Discovered?)
Family scattered to the far covers of the world
   gathered in eddies, in currents.
How does she know me?
  Another question roses to the surface
Though a circle, studying spirit
   Perhaps 15 years ago, the first meeting
     Knowing, loving
        Ah, yes, the circle! 
Lost, found, connected...
   Still connected
     Through a wandering, winding thread, 
Next time, I'll bring music
   And we'll dance together, in time's halls.

Adornment and bling

My SiStars in the color of Woman teacher training are working on their Artist Archetype paintings, their TalisWomen, and such beauty is arising!! Two years ago, as I painted Songs of Light, I was drawn to experiment with materials, as Artists love Bling!

I was already drawn to interference paint, which looked so fun and shimmery on the little bottles. What was it? How could I use it? I watched tutorials, and began painting orbs, streaks in my lady's hair, eye shadow, ... rather than paint, interference consists of fine mica flakes, suspended in medium. It refracts light, adding mystique and mystery! I love it! Shimmer and shine! 

Icaricia Butterfly Queen has blue and violet eye shadow, 
and in her fringe, plus copper metallic paint. She has more interference on her wings and orbs. It tends to be thick, so just use a drop or two, and experiment with adding it to paint or mixing with medium. Remember to wait till you're almost finished to use it.

My TalisWoman wanted even more bling, and I turned to "gold" metallic leaf. I'd used this on canvas the summer before (Sekhmet) and was eager to try it on the smooth wood. I enjoyed This tutorial by Star Wars artist Terese Nielsen, both the content, and seeing her amazing studio! And I loved watching her save the little scraps of leaf she brushed off! 

Songs of Light
The leaf takes time and a steady hand, but the effect is well worth it! For her veil, I mixed titanium white with satin medium, and applied with a sponge brush. This is a great technique for veils, steam, smoke... you can wipe off a bit for a more sheer look, or add faint lines for folds and swirls. 

What are some of your favorite tips for adornment?
Happy Paint Party Friday & 3 Muses Challenge: A touch of Red (in the lips!)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Full Moon Musings

Tomorrow my friend Sepha and I will journey a couple of hours South, to offer a workshop for new beloveds in the Eugene area! This class coincides with Muse Day offerings around the world, where we gather to share tea, Poetry and creativity! 
I've offered several Muse Days, beginning with one for my middle grandkids in February, and one last month on grief and guardians. My friend Patricia did a wonderful spirit portrait of her beloved dog Kai, who recently crossed the rainbow bridge! 
Kia, by Patricia R.

Our weekend offering is "Musé of Creative Fires," and Musés light Fuses! Today's full moon is in Sagittarius, inviting us to remember the arrows we cast in their beauty and softness,  watching them flower into wisdom. We'll share the process of creating with attention and mindfulness, and see what wisdom's fire offers our beloveds! 

Order of the Phoenix
I'll take along my Phoenix woman, and Sepha is bringing a couple, including her fiesty demo for this playshop, Rubi
We met for tea and an art store jaunt this morning, and are gathering our supplies. Here we go!  One of the last instructions during our events is to hand the Musé the pen, and receive a poem or missive.

I love the message from my lady, Gypsy Rose Muse in 2016, "Sweet Nadya, we bring wisdom from the stars and ancient pathways. You are so loved, so appreciated, so honored! We invite you to attune to all your senses, and enliven your spirit.
Sparkle and shine, share the joy you know deep inside. In attending to your own joy, and in doing the little things, a-tending, you will bring your beloveds hone to themselves!"
You're invited to contemplate some of our inquiries: 

  • What lights your creative fire, this Sagittarius moon
  • What beautiful arrows are flowering?
  • What does your Musé invite you to cause and create?
~ Oregon poet laureate William Stafford ~
I glanced at her and took my glass off -- they were still singing.
They buzzed like a locust on the coffee table and then ceased.
Her voice belted forth and the sunlight bent.
I felt the ceiling arch, and knew the nails up there took a new grip on whatever they touched.
"I am your own way of looking at things," she said.
"When you allow me to live with you, every glance at the world around you will be a sort of salvation."
And I took her hand.
Sacred Path ladies ~ Red Madonna  (in process)
.... You're invited to meet your Muse!  
Happy PPF!!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Good Medicine

For this week's inquiry In her year long art Journaling class, Come to the Fire, my IC SiStar Heidi asked,
"What's in your Medicine Basket?
"In ancient times (and in modern day) many cultures turned to their medicine Women for healing body, mind and Spirit. They knew certain women carried the healing wisdoms of their ancestors. Each of these healers had their own special bag or basket of medicine.  These medicine bags or baskets contained things like herbs, crystals, a drum or rattle, a chant, feather, and perhaps a red thread to help heal the people."
Medicine Basket

My grandmother Mary knew some herbal remedies, to help family and friends when we're ill, she could give a good back rub, and share a pot of tea with neighbors. I don't know if she spun, but she and my mama made quilts with carded wool, using the wool cards her mama's family brought along on the wagon train, and those beads from the heritage rose.

I do spin, occasionally, play harp, Native American Flute, hand drum, give a pretty good back rub, tend gardens, make herb tea and flower essences. I enjoy painting, crafts of all kinds, and sharing the creative spark with others in my art and classes ... what are some of your gifts? 

In this week's Red Thread Circle, we explored our medicine gifts, and brought them to life on paper and in our Smashbooks. It was a sweet session, with three beloveds making good medicine. We added leaves with wishes to the Witness Tree in the main gallery before our closing circle. 
I have three more events coming up this month, starting with Red Thread Reiki 1 this weekend at a water birth center. Our class Musé of Creative Fire is part of the Intentional Creativity Guild's International Muse Day Series (click the link to find one near you!) This is in the Eugene area with my cohort, Sepha, our first venture into that community.  Then I'll lead a group through creating their own Cosmic Smashbooks at the cosmic Inner Oasis! I love opening creative and healing doors! 
So, what are some of your Good Medicine Gifts?
How do you share them with your community?
Good Medicine
Happy Paint Party Friday, enjoy your weekend!