Friday, October 25, 2019

Cross pollination

As I spend time in my little Atelier, I'm embodying how each painting informs others in I'm working on! The reverse stencil technique and landscape background from Treesister came into play as I was brewing remedies in the apothecary yesterday. 
Apothecary -Good Medicine
As I looked at my journal notes from last year's Apothecary, In the Still Room, I realized several symbols had showed up in my CODEX painting as it evolves, the Hamsa hand, the 7 Pointed fairy star, and of course the harps in Apothecary and CODEX! 
Vision Plan Book
Part of our CODEX journey, and intentional Creativity, is to attend to these common elements and symbols, as we engage our intuition and inner knowing. 
CODEX - in process
What common elements do you find in your work? 
Happy Paint Party Friday!


Rain said...

Hi Nadya :) Your Apothecary piece is really very good. I like it a LOT. And your Codex is so pretty. Your colour palette is beautiful! I think that blue washes are in a lot of my watercolours. I don't know about shapes and symbols, I'll have to take a look. If I go by mood, I would definitely say my art is more on the spooky, somber side of life...but then I love to draw the Looney Tunes cartoons, especially Bugs the drawings always have a flair of humour to them. Interesting to think about!!! :)

Beth Niquette said...

Your paintings are intriguing. I love the colors you use, and your style is wonderful.

sirkkis said...

Your style is original and magical. Well painted.
Happy PPF and weekend 🧡

Christine said...

Beautiful paintings!

Soma @ said...

I love the dynamics in each painting! Magical!