Thursday, October 31, 2019

CODEX - Crystal HeArt Song

Crystal HeArt Song

Whispers from harp strings
Cross the bridge of veils
Between the worlds, written, unwritten
Named, unnamed
Language shimmers and shifts 
On pages in the Akashic library
Sun crystals hold the records
In our very hearts. 

We sip nectar from
The chalice of remembering,
Remember, remember!
Flowers bless the air with their subtle perfume
And the liquid with the memory of summer
Bringing healing and wholing 
To the people
To the SiStars and mothers
To the children
To the fathers and brothers

Access through creativity is coded in our very DNA
Our hands read the Braille
Of our memories and old knowing
As we sift through the treasure trove
For hidden gold.
Practices which bring joy
Hold the key

Will you hear and be heard
As we strstrike the ringing strings
Feel the shift in your bones
Come, come
It is time
Let the heart Crystal ignite
And reverberate its song to the stars

Crystal HeArt Song© Nadya 2019

As we compete this 13 moon journey, and prepare for the next adventure (Anthropas) I dedicate this painting to several beloved teachers and friends.

  • Marion Coe, my piano teacher - who would love that I play the harp! Wise and kind,I thank you.
  • Lynn Marchant, with whom I began studying ballet as an adult, who infused Grace into my life, thank you.
  • My friend Given Bliss, who passed last year on my birthday - too soon gone dancing on her Cosmic body!
Tea Camellia
A few days ago, my tea Camellia flowers caught my eye, and I decided to make a flower essence (here's how I create an essence) - and one landed in the painting yesterday!

Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm essences offers a lovely definition for Tea Camellia, "I AM the Ancient One, rooted in timeless beginnings. I bring Stillness, connection to one's True Self, and provide a mirror for self reflection.
Camellia flower essence
Wishing the Color of Woman class of 2019 many blessings on their graduation this weekend and next week - well done!! 
And happy Paint Party Friday to my blog rolling friends, and 100 Days of Creative Bliss bodies!


Christine said...

Lovely art!

DVArtist said...

She is beautiful.

Gillena Cox said...

Beautiful art and poetry. Happy PPF


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Beautiful words, your artwork holds many interesting elements. Happy PPF Tracey

Rain said...

Your Crystal Heart piece is beautiful Nadya! :)

Beth Niquette said...

How lovely! Happy PPF!